Friday, 11 April 2008

Nak tergelak betul lah sebab bila kawan2 baca entry malam tadi, macam2 yg dok imagine, hehehe...Actually bukan nya project apa pun, cuma project baking aje, camni cerita nya.....

Today is the last day of school for the little misses for this term and selalunya I bake something for the little misses to take to school on the last day. And it just so happened that both of the little misses birthdays fall during the school holidays every single time so they missed out on taking cakes to school to share with their friends. This year, miss very soon going to be 9 nak sangat bawak birthday kek to share with her friends so I said ok. I thought I had plenty of time to make it during the day semalam but pagi2 keluar shopping with hubby until noon, pastu busy pulak nya dengan the kids after school and then nak masak dinner, then after dinner, keluar balik to go to the library. Lepas tu barulah ada masa nak bake cakes for them and decorate lagi. Itulah sebabnya penat sesangat malam tadi sebab asik keluar rumah aje, hehehe...See told you, bukannya project besar mana pun, buat suspense aje kan ;-).

Anyway, sebab nak bawa kek to school, lagi senang bawa cupcakes instead of cakes and then since semua orang sekarang tengah kemaruk buat and decorate cupcakes, I too wanted to try my hands at it, hahaha. Tu yang buat lagi memenatkan since I'm not a pro at all! Nasib baik lah saiz kelas kat sini kecil2 gak banding dengan kat M'sia so tak lah banyak cupcakes yg I kena buat and decorate, hehehe..

I made a simpe vanilla cupcake batter but mixed half of it with choc nesquick so jadilah marble cupcakes. Made regular sized ones for miss very soon to be 9 and mini cupcakes for miss 4 1/2. Since miss very soon to be 9's favourite colour at the moment is light blue so I iced the cupcakes using light blue icing and decorated them using whatever decorations I could find in the pantry :-).

I used choc freckles, mini choc eggs (konon nak buat mcm nests, hehe), sugared butterflies and stars and icing gel for the writing.

For the mini cupcakes I just used choc freckles because kids love them.

I know memanglah they look so unprofessional but since I'm not making a living out of selling cupcakes I think they look good enough for the little misses to take to school!


Dianne said...

nice job sister,at least u did something from ur own efford.eheh bravo!

lemongrass said...

TQ dayang,hehe. Nak beli kat sini tak tau kan apa yg they all guna so baik buat sendiri at least i know halal terjamin and murah pulak tu, kehkehkeh...
My girls really loved their cupcakes so did their friends so kiranya berjaya lah my project kan ;-)