Sunday, 6 April 2008

Another soccer day today but Miss 4 1/2 and I didn't go sebab the game was in Mundaring aka Outer Siberia, hehehe. It took 45 mins to get there on the highway so memang jauh lah tu kiranya especially on a Sunday morning when there's no traffic around. Their team won big today, 6-0, so Miss very soon going to be 9 was so happy!

I've changed her status to 'miss very soon' cos her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks time. Since the 1st of April, hari2 duk sibuk menghitung hari to her birthday, kids! Last year we had a 'bake n shake' birthday party for her. She invited 3 girlfriends over and they baked and decorated biscuits to take home, made n baked their own pizza, made a few other girly stuff and boogied. She really enjoyed it so this year she wanted to do the same thing again. I'd rather do this sort of things than invite the whole class and tak boleh buat apa2 sangat pun. Her friends were so amazed that they were allowed to cook and make mess in the kitchen, hehehe... But she still hasn't decided on the shape of her birthday cake though! Last year buat echidna-shaped cake for her, tahun ni tak tahulah binatang apa yg dia choose, hahaha..

(Ini a photo of the echidna cake last year, jenuh mummy dia nak buat. Haritu memang bole dpt title ibu mithali lah, kehkehkeh.)

Malam ni dinner was a simple crumbed baked chicken, wedges, home made bread and salad. We had it in front of the TV watching Gladiators, hahahaha....

This is chives, spinach and cheese bread. The yeast dough dapat resipi from Taste but the filling ikut citarasa and apa yg ada dlm fridge tu. The other half really liked it!

Miss 4 1/2 tengah tekun melukis aliens from outer space. Khusyuk melukis sampai rambut kat muka pun tak sedar, hehehe...

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