Monday, 7 April 2008

I really do not like it when tak tau apa yg nak dimasak. Dulu pernah we all buat weekly menu so tak payahlah susah2 fikir on that day nak masak apa, tinggal masak aje whatever's written on the menu. Tapi yang tak bestnya after a few weeks of doing it, bila sampai on that day, takde mood pulak nak masak and makan what's on the menu. And since I'm the chef, I have to like what I'm cooking so the idea was abandoned after a month. The other half wants to start doing the menu again sebab he's getting bored of being asked 'what's for dinner' every single day by me, hehehe....

Like tonite, memanglah tak tau nak masak apa. The other half nak makan nasi but rasa malas pulaknya nak buat kari and sayur and lauk the little misses, banyak kerja, hehehe. So, took out the mince and masak bolognese style but letak carrots n peas in it, like inti meat pies a bit. Then buat open pies using filo pastry. Makan dengan leftover cheese bread from last nite. Senang kerja!

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