Monday, 21 April 2008

I'm so glad the party's over. Semalam we all satu family tak keluar kemana2 pun, we stayed at home doing nothing which was really nice after a hectic week. Dapur pun tak berasap langsung semalam, makan leftovers aje the whole day, hehehe.... The little misses woke up a bit later than usual as well, maybe sebab penat from the party and they were so excited to see Miss 9's presents on the coffee table. She got from her friends a Polly Pocket pack, a perfume pack (don't ask me why perfume!) and Uno game. She got from us Nintendo DS games, a magic trick pack and books so the kids spent the whole day semlm playing with her presents which gave us some quiet times in between the bouts of arguing and whinging! Maybe kalau boys, they'll fight and whack each other silly but with girls, the constant talking, arguing, whinging, moaning, whining tu yg selalu buat my ears berdengung aje, hehehe....

Anyway, back to cooking dinner tonite. Since the other half's flying off to New York tomorrow nite for a week, I asked him what he wants me to cook for him utk dinner sbb nanti seminggu tak dpt merasa my food kan, hehehe.....He straight away said nak sambal. Lerr, of all the things, sambal gak yg dia nak makan! So, kenalah masak nasi malamni sbb nak makan dgn sambal. I also cooked beef in black bean sauce and crumbed baked sardines.

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