Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Glued to the ad breaks

I’m not a tv watcher.

Memang tv tu jarang sangat we all switch on during the day.

News pun we all jarang tengok, maybe once a week aje kot. We only read the news online aje.

The girls will normally watch tv in the morning while they are having breakfast before going to school and then watch another half an hour or an hour of tv when they are having afternoon snack after coming back from school.

And then the tv will be off until the next morning.

Unless ada shows like RBT or Border Security or Border Patrol or cricket.

But for the past week, the tv has been on non stop dari the time the girls balik sekolah until around 9 o’clock macam tu.

And only on Channel 9 sahaja.

But we are not really watching any of the shows during that time.

We are just waiting for the ad breaks….

Sitting readily infront of the tv with our iPhone video cam on every single ad break!

Penat weh buat kerja ni setiap kali ad break, hikhikhikhik….

kalau I tengah busy kat kitchen preparing dinner, I will kerah either of the girl to take my place to wait in front of the tv for the ad breaks.

Bila habis ad breaks, baru boleh sambung buat kerja balik, hehehe.

Kalau The Other Half dah balik kerja pulak, he will take turns with me pulak.

Nak tau kenapa we all buat kerja ‘bodoh’ ni?

Sebab Miss 9’s school choir was invited to participate in the Channel 9 IGA Christmas carol recording.

A few school choirs were invited to sing and record some Christmas songs at their studio.

And these recordings will be played every night on tv from a week ago until Christmas.

But no one knows at what times will these recordings be played each night, setiap hari they’ll change the time.

And they only recorded a 15-second and a 30-second versions of the christmas song so if we blink, we’ll miss it basically.

Tu yang memang gigih menunggu depan tv setiap kali ad breaks.

So far, what we’ve deduced, they only play 2 songs each night from different schools.

And so far, we’ve seen probably either 8 or 10 schools singing their Christmas carols.

And no sign of her school so far!

Tension we all……

Miss 9 said that a teacher from another school has seen their school on tv last weekend and has told their music teacher about it.

But at that time, I haven’t been doing this tv vigil so tu yang termissed because we didn’t know they were going to start playing christmas songs that early.

I said to The Other Half that her school’s turn is bound to come up sooner or later again so we just have to patiently wait aje lah…..

So, anyone in Perth, if you happen to be watching Channel 9 from around 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock and love watching the ad breaks, do watch out for Miss 9’s school choir ye.

They wear all black choir uniforms, black shirts and black pants.

And Miss 9 is right infront so it’s easy to see her (that’s what the teacher told me, hehehe).

Tu sebab my dinner for the past few days have been dinners that are easy to make or that can be made way in advance or that can be cooked in the oven so I can spend time sitting in front of the tv, hahaha.

Tonite’s dinner was roast chicken with gravy with parmesan and mixed herbs bread and sempoi salad.


the roast chicken tinggal sprinkle a few spices on it and masuk dalam oven.

But the bread I buat sendiri but easy to knead and shape in between the ad breaks Smile then tinggal masuk dalam oven.

The temperature got up to 38C today so memang cuaca yang sangat best untuk buat bread.


The salad pun cuma salad orang malas so senang jugak nak prepare.

The only thing I need to cook on the stove top was the gravy but it only took a few minutes.


It was a good dinner to be eaten on a hot night while waiting for the ad breaks to come on, hehehehehe….


faa.rosli said...


Chekgu Azrine said...

simple pun terliur jgk tgok..haha

Wanafzan said...

sedapnyer.. meleleh air lir tgk..

Oyis said...

aiyoo kejamnya x bgtau what time/day they will air which school. nak naikkan rating chanel 9 la tu. terpaksa la semua families yg ada anak2 dlm choir in participating schools terpaku dpn tv huhu sampai new year... but i'm sure bila dah dpt record it will be worth it, so keep persevering kak LG and the girls!

m.u.l.a.n said...

nak laaa i tengok jgk my gegirl masuk tv tu... masa my kids haritu, tv station kata nak inform, but tetiba keluar without any notice.. takde la dapat tengok pon... few frens yg dapat tengok..

i tak dapat seru nak uli doh roti lagi ni...!!! when when..?? help help...

lemongrass said...

roast chicken memang sedap kan ;-)

chekgu azrine,
boleh lah you makan macam2 skrg kan sbb dah habis pantang :-)

wan afzan,
roast chicken ni simple aje nak buat, pastu sedap pulak tu ;-)

tu lah kan! macam lah we all ni takde kerja lain nak mengadap tv hari2, hehehe. Tapi disebabkan Nanna and Pop dia nak tengok and diaorang tak siar kat Adelaide, terpaksalah we all gigih menunggu ;-)

you lagi lah tak best nya sbb the tv station tak kotakan janji nak inform kan. At leas we all ni boleh lah jugak agak2, hehehe

Kniedaz said...

cepat tapi sedap....kalau dapat rakam publish la kat sini ye..

lemongrass said...

sudah semestinya akan I publish kat belog, hehehe