Monday, 5 May 2008

The other half got home today and said he wanted to eat dinner that has loads of cheese on it. I said to him we already had macaroni cheese for dinner last nite and he had leftover macaroni cheese for lunch as well so takkan lah nak makan cheese lagi. He gave me the 'look' and said, " I'm a Mat Saleh, we loooovvvveee our cheeses." D'oh! Terlupa sekejap I'm married to one! Hahaha.... Nasib baik lah I love cheese as well so I dont mind having something cheesy everyday for dinner. But bukan semua cheese I can stand, I still can't stand the smell of blue cheese. Lebih kurang cam Mat Saleh bila kena cium bau durian or bau belacan lah! Kalau the other half wants to eat blue cheese, dia makan lah sorang2 kat dining room while I stay in another room. I love brie, camembert, cheddar, colby, parmesan, ricotta, cream cheese and a few others, nasib baik lah duduk kat negara omputih kan so senanglah nak dapat,hehehe....

But since his wife masih tengah malas masak dinner yang time consuming, dinner malam ni was something simple again. We had chicken wings, avocado salsa and grilled pineapple n cheese bread. I loaded the bread with lots of grated colby cheese so the other half was happy :-).

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