Friday, 30 November 2012

Well done Miss 9

A few months ago early in term 3, Miss 9 sat for a test.

And then the waiting game began until last week when she came bouncing into the car and said,

We’ve got the PEAC results today. There’s 2 types of envelopes. People who got into PEAC got the big envelope and people who didn’t get into PEAC got the small envelope.

I asked her eagerly, “Which envelope did you get?”

She was bursting with pride when she said, “I’ve got the big envelope!

This is the letter in the envelope.



Syukur alhamdulillah….

She really really really wanted a place in the PEAC programme.

But I had to keep on telling her that so many people wanted to enter the programme too and they only choose the top 3% so she might not get it and not to be upset if she doesn’t.

At least she’s tried her best in the test which was the most important thing.

Ye lah kan, I pun nak sangat2 dia dapat the program but at the same time I tak nak dia to put too high a hope on it sebab I tak nak dia kecewa and sedih sangat2 kalau tak dapat.

She’s quite happy sebab she says now she’s as bright as Miss 13, hehehe….

We want them to go to the best public high school and since we live out of the zone of the best public high school in the state, the girls have to work extra hard to get into there.

Kat sini, expensive private schools aje yang ada boarding facilities ni.

Public high school semua pergi pagi balik petang, hehehe.

And depends on which area the public school is situated in and what programs they run, some public schools have really bad reputations while some others are excellent.

Tu sebab nya, houses kat sekitar zone for Willetton SHS and Rossmoyne SHS are so expensive sebab they know they can get all the rich overseas people especially Asians to buy them.

And kalau you all tengok the students kat these 2 high schools, memang penuh dgn overseas Asians aje, heeeee….

Miss 13 dah selamat sebab she’s got into that school through the GATE programme.

And now tinggal Miss 9 aje lah.

Tu sebab Miss 9 needs to get into the PEAC program, then get great results for her NAPLAN next year and then get really amazing marks for her GATE test as well so she can choose whatever high school she wants to go to.

If she doesn’t get good results, terpaksalah we all fikir Plan B…..

Kenapa we all tak nak hantar the girls to our local area high school?

Sebab it doesn’t have a very good reputation and doesn’t have good NAPLAN results and a lot of the students are immigrants and refugees.

Semua parents mestilah nak yang terbaik untuk their kids kan.

Tonite for dinner I tak masak our usual Friday meal of pizza and garlic bread.

I malas nak masak so I masak fish and squids and chips aje, hehehehe.


Tinggal open the boxes and put the fish and squids on the trays and shoved them in the oven.

Then tear open the chips bag and arrange them nicely on a tray and also shove it in the oven.

But since I tak nak kena cop isteri and ibu pemalas, I made a special salad to go along with the fish and chips Smile.

I made lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, white peach and walnut salad with balsamic vinegar honey mustard dressing.



See, if you spruce up your salad with fancy ingredients, terus jadi macam restoran high class nya fish and chips meal kan!



kasihredha said...

Tahniah miss 9!!

Ummi Maryam said...

Bestnyaaa!! Congrats!

adda syuhada said...

Congrats Miss 9...

Anonymous said...

Tahniah Miss 9 semoga cemerlang selalu...

umiyumi2 said...

Wow!! Congrats Miss 9 :)

Along Najwa said...

Congrats Miss 9! Mummy tentu proud giler..

On complete different cite, I am reading your post about The Song for both you n TOH...that is also me n en. Suami song ! Sweet kan lyric dia :)

Chekgu Azrine said...

dah la miss 9 chomel..pandai plak tu..tahniah to u sis n ur daughter..

penDragon said...

Congratulations Miss 9!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Miss9 and LG. Humble parenting often produces achieving kids and I am sure there will be more to come.

Aimi Laili said...

Congratulations miss 9 :)

RedRose said...

congrats miss 9!!! ^__^

Real Life in Malaysia said...

Tahniah anakanda comel yang rajin berkebun ... semoga berjaya selalu ...:)

Tahniah juga Bondanya ... :)

lina said...

Congrates mummy and miss 9

lina said...

Congrates mummy and miss 9

blu4sky said...

congrats miss 9!!!

Unaizah said...

Congratulations Miss 9!!! Hope she gets whichever school her heart desires.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

well done miss 9! wow u must be one proud mummy!

lemongrass said...

Assalamualaikum everyone,
thank you so much for the congratulatory wish (on behalf of Miss 9). Hopefully, she'll do well in that programme and continue doing well in her future too :-).

Kniedaz said...

Tahniah miss 9...pening plak bila LG cerita pasal exam n schooling kat sana..papepun mestila nk yg terbaik utk anak kita kan...ala...LG ni buh apa pun dlm pinggan tu nmpk sedap hehe

babylola2u said...

tahniah kak LG. genius la anak2 akak. jeles saya. mungkin sebab sekolah tu bagus dan pelajar2nya pun saling berlumba2 maka anak2 kita pun tunjukkan prestasi tinggi dalam pelajaran. jelesnya saya. CAKAP KAT MIS 9 YA YG UNTIE LOLA SAY CONGRATS.

lemongrass said...

schooling kat sini memang lain dr Msia, yg bestnya takde exams every year, hehehe.

Kalau ikut standard Msia, diaorang tak genius, biasa2 aje, hehehe. Tapi memang betul you cakap, kalau sekolah yg bagus, budak2 dia memang semua jenis berlumba2 nak maju and nak dpt results yg best, tu yg we all sedaya upaya nak hantar diaorang pergi sekolah yg bagus :-)

Mas said...

congrats miss 9!