Monday, 31 October 2011

walking again

Esok dah nak masuk bulan November…

Summer is nearly here and judging from the weather today, we might be experiencing one long hot Summer this year…

Last Summer was quite bad as well, it started early and didn’t end until nearly June….

The Other Half and I joined Miss 8’s school for a walking day this afternoon. The whole school went for a 40-minute walk from 2 o’clock tadi. Ramai jugak parents and families yang joined that walking event.

The walk was fine and quite fun, it wasn’t searingly hot, only around 29°C kot but windy at the same time. We did get sunburnt a bit though tadi.

But what was extremely annoying was the flies, they were everywhere!

I told Miss 8 to keep her mouth shut most of the time or else the flies might get into her mouth, urggghhhhhh!

(actually it was a good suggestion because it stopped her from talking non stop for 45 minutes, hahahahaha).

Balik aje from the school, I quickly made silverbeet, chicken and ricotta cannelloni for dinner.

The ricotta filling mixture I made pagi tadi before going for that walk sebab malas nak rushing nak prepare dinner.

I sauteed diced onion and garlic in olive oil until wilted. Pastu added diced chicken breast and continue sauteeing until chicken is cooked. Then, I added about 10 chopped up silverbeet leaves. Kalau takde silverbeets, boleh guna spinach, rasa dia lebih kurang aje.

Continue cooking until all the leaves have properly wilted and then add some powdered chicken stock and ground black pepper. Take it of the heat and let it cool down, once it’s cool down, add the ricotta cheese. If you like the filling cheesy and creamy, add more ricotta than silverbeets. If you like it full of veges, add slightly less ricotta. Slightly mash the ricotta so the mixture will be well mixed.

And then you can start filling the cannelloni tubes.


Cannelloni ni is a type of pasta.


People normally filled the tubes with ricotta mixture or cooked minced meat mixture.


How the tubes looked like after they’ve been filled.


Before the cooking process. I put a layer of bottled pasta sauce at the bottom of the dish, then put the filled cannelloni tubes, then the rest of the pasta sauce and top it of with grated mozzarella.

Then bake it in the oven covered with alfoil at 180°C for about 35-40 minutes.

If you want another recipe, you can try this recipe.


After it’s baked (the photo didnt come out that great.)



It’s nice with green salad and bread but I malas nak buat salad tadi.


Anonymous said...

can't visualise miss adorable being quiet for quarter hour :}

"After it’s baked (the photo didnt come out that great.)"

looks tempting enough to me.

penDragon said...

teruknya flies kt sana...sampai boleh masuk mulut tu. K LG, cukup ke cannelloni tu utk 4 org mkn? sbb I rasa, kalau I buat ni mesti everyone makan byk!

bersama kak Es said...

bestnye LG...tak yah rebus dulu eh, dh masak tu elok lembut ke cannelloni?

Yan said...

ayoooooo... tak tahan akak tgk bendalah ni Min... boleh lah kalau teringin nanti. Ada recipe, bagus lah tu.

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Kak LG: When should we put the ricotta in the ricotta mixture? Last step ke?

kasihredha said...

sungguh menarik..
akak rasa kalau kat rumah akak sure kena buat lebih banyak lagi...sebab yg tukang makannya semua lelaki :))

lemongrass said...

Silence rarely happens in my household, hahaha.
Any western food can make you drool eh :-).

Tourists slalunya tak percaya how bad the flies are here until they come here in Summer, hehehe. But that's the only bad thing about Summer kat OZ ni.
For the kids, I made cannelloni with a different filling last night sbb diaorang tak suka sgt yg ricotta and spinach ni.

Kak Es,
Tak payah rebus dulu, samalah mcm instant lasagna sheets tu. Tapi masa nak masak tu, kena make sure covered dgn pasta sauce penuh bertutup lah or else jadi keras nanti.

Kak Yan,
Food kat rumah I ni memang slalunya penuh dgn cheese, tu yg buat orang tak tahan, hehehe

Ooops, I forgot to write it down. I have edited the recipe above, sorry ye :-)

lemongrass said...

Kak Kasih,
Itu yg best bila rumah takde anak lelaki bujang, makanan lambat sikit habis, hehehe....

cik tasukeecOklat said...

kak sy nak resepi nachos bley x??akak ade link kat memaner entry akak x??sy malas lak nak semak entry lama..banyak betul..heee..

cik tasukeecOklat said...

kak xpe da jumpe da resepi nacho akak..hee...

ibh said...

masuk sini ja kompem terliur tengok food akak yg sedap2 tu..heeee

T said...

Cute la you punya baked pasta. I yang dua orang ni selalu buat macam ada 4 orang anak pirahna. hehehe.

Silverbeet is Kale, right? Personally, I like it better in longer cooking dish like this, compared to spinach, sebab they are more sturdy. Tapi I selalu guna spinach sebab I always have Frozen Spinach in hand, unlike fresh kale.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty LG,
We were offline for a few days sbb 3G buat banyak entries terlepas pandang. Anyway, Mama kita jarang dah masak pasta sejak pindah Malaysia ni...cheese mahal giler dia kata. Makan mihun sup atau mi goreng ajelah jawabnya. purrr....meow!

Rozita said...

Makanan yang bercheese ni sentiasa menyelerakan tekak I

.Najihah A. said...

Kak LG, you're so talented! How I wish I can cooked very well like you (n_n)

Apa kata akak join next Masterchef Australia :) :D

MULAN said...

fuuhhhh... dah kenyang tapi rasa lapar la pulak masuk rumah u ni...!!! nanti rumah kosong dekat rumah u tu ya, nak berjiran lah.. hehehe...

lemongrass said...

cik tasukeecoklat,
Pandai2 lah ye you korek my recipe archive tu, hehehe.

Nasib baik terliur aje kan, tak sampai mengidam2 ;-)

I would normally just use 1 box of 250g tubes and with leftovers enough for lunch the next day :-).
Silverbeets are also known as chards but slightly different that kale. I think they are different family altogether.

Kalau kat sini, my 3G vodaphone on my mobile yg slalu buat hal, tension memang!
memang cheese maahl gilerssss kat Msia kan. Haritu I bawak balik 1kg of colby n 1 kg of mozzarella utk buat pizza n pasta kat Msia, hehee

I'm not talented, I can follow recipes, hehehe. Kalau I masuk Masterchef, memang akan kalah awal2 sbb tak boleh masak complicated dishes without recipes, hehehe.

neighbour I ni dah berbulan2 pergi jalan2 cuti2 kat Asia, why dont you house sit his house, boleh kita masak2 sama2, hahaha