Friday, 1 July 2011

A longwinded entry, read only if you have the time, haha….

I wrote this entry to set some myths straight, not to offend nor embarrass some people.

Some of you might know yang The Other Half and I have been going on this weight loss journey since the start of this year and so far it’s been good (not smooth sailing all the time) and we’ve reached our goals for a while now. I reached my goals wayyyy earlier than him since I didn’t have that much to lose. We are now in the ‘maintenance’ phase of the journey where we are trying to stick to the current weight, no more weight loss and definitely hopefully no more weight gain.

And sesiapa yang nak tau how we did it, boleh lah baca the previous entries where I wrote in details how we did it our way. Godek2 lah my old archives sendiri ye, I tak kuasa nak cari the links, hehehe.

Basically we believe in calories in (consumed) Vs calories out (burned).

1. If your calories consumed is higher than calories burned, than you will gain weight aka jadi gemuk.

2. If your calories consumed is lower than calories burned, than you will lose weight aka makin kurus.

3. If your calories consumed is equal with calories burned, than your weight will be maintained.

Now, the main question is, macam mana kita nak tau berapa banyak calories yang kita kena consumed setiap hari and berapa banyak calories yang badan kita burned setiap hari?

Well, there is no one magic number, setiap individu berlainan.

We first have to find out what our basal metabolic rate (BMR) or the easier one, resting metabolic rate (RMR) is before we can find out how much calories we need to consume everyday.

The BMR refers to the amount of energy your body needs to maintain itself. Basically, badan kita ni will use up energy even while we are sleeping. It’s the energy used by all the organs in our body to maintain its functions.

Metabolism pulak refers to the chemical processes that go on continuously inside the body to allow life and normal functioning.

So, the BMR calculator you can find on the net will measure how much energy your body uses if you stay in bed all day long.

And kita boleh calculate our Basal Metabolic Rate depending on our age, our weight, our height and our level of activities daily.

Let’s just give me for example:

My age =40 y.o.(masih mengaku 40 sebab I still have a few more days before I turn 41 tau! hikhikhik…).

My weight = 45 kg

My height = 150cm (I know I know.. I am short…..Smile)

So, my body will burn about 1200 calories ( if I were to stay in bed all day long, not doing anything at all.)..

But if I were to get out and about, jadi chaffeur, jadi tukang masak, jadi cleaner, jadi gardener and so on, the amount of energy my body uses will increase.

And the only way you can get energy is by consuming it in the form of solids or liquids.

So, kalau you stay in bed the whole day tak makan and cuma minum air kosong aje (which is 0 calorie) for a few days, you will definitely lose some weight.

That’s why people who are in a coma at the hospital still need food in the form of IV feeding. Kalau tak bagi all these nutritions, they’ll lstart losing first fat then muscles.

If you tengok The Other Half 6 months ago, his BMI was in the obese range.

Now, 6 months later, his BMI is in the healthy range.

Before we embarked on this weight loss journey, we surfed the net to find out how many calories we need to burn to lose the weight safely and how many calories we can eat daily.

And kat mana2 reliable journals yang we all baca, semua cakap yang you have to work hard to burn the calories yang you dah simpan bertahun2 dalam badan dalam bentuk lemak tu.

Takde jalan mudah nak buang that lemak!

You can ask my hubby betapa susah nya dia berexercise hari2 untuk buang the lemak.

1 jam dia kayuh basikal vigorously, dia cuma burn 750 calories/hour sekarang ni. Dulu masa dia gemuk, he burned more calories sebab he had more fat to convert to energy.

The thinner you become, the less calories you burn doing the same exercise. The fitter you become, the more you have to work at it to burn the same amount of energy.

It’s a cruel world isn’t it for thin people, hehehe. Winking smile

Yang buat I gerammmmm sangat2 sekarang ni kan, ada lah satu corset tu yang claimed boleh burn 900 calories in ONE HOUR tanpa perlu buat apa2!

(you should see the amount of sweat dripping off The Other Half’s body after one hour doing the elliptical and burning 900 cals!)

If that were true and if you were to wear it 8 jam seperti yang diaorang suruh, konon2nya sape yang pakai tu boleh burn 7200 calories in 1 day lah ye.

Do you know how you would look like if badan you were to burn that much energy in 1 day after 1 week?

Memang lain sangat lah from when you start, hehehe.

Cubalah baca any reliable scientific journals, they will tell you that burning that many calories is impossible without losing your weight so quickly at the same time!

Kalau you baca kat mana2 sites yang reliable, to lose 1kg of weight, you need to burn 7000calories (approx).

Mana tak nya, kalau your BMR is around 1200 calories/day and kalau you lead a slightly active lifestyle, you basically need around 1500 calories/day just to stay alive.

Kalau betul lah seperti apa yang orang yang jual corset ni claim…

You boleh makan 6 Big Mac Value Meals (Big Mac, medium fries and medium coke) setiap hari day in day out and still boleh lose weight jadi sekeping macam Keira Knightley!

Big Mac Value Meal tu total calories dia 1009 calories. Kalau you makan 6 Big Mac value meals, baru 6054 calories.

And your body needs 1200 calories just to stay alive, so bila body kita tak dapat energy anymore from food intake, dia akan start burning the fat storage in our body.

So, kalau ikut ‘logic’ diaorang, maknanya kalau pakai corset ni bolehlah lose 1kg/day kan.

So, kalau betul claim dia, you definitely should be able to lose 7kg dalam masa 1 minggu kan and makan seperti biasa.

So, how come this corset yang claimed to burn 7200 calories/8 hours tak boleh jadikan the wearer lose at least 5kg in the first week when they sepatutnya lose 7kg/week.

Takkan lah you all melantak hari2 sampai 10, 000 calories/day kot, tu sebab tak turun2 gak berat at least 5kg/week walau pun pakai that corset ….

itu dah kira macam makan 4 Big Mac value meals a day + 3 large strawberry shakes + 2 servings of their pancakes with maple syrup and butter +4 apple pies + 2 oreos McFlurrys + 4 large hot fudge sundaes, definitely akan termuntah kalau makan banyak macam tu.

Look at my hubby:

Hubby I dulu masa awal2 nak lose weight, he lost 2kg in 1 week by doing hard exercise. He burned around 1000-2000 calories/day exercising and only consuming around 1800 calories/day (which was below his BMR- I know, naughty him for doing that). So his body started using up all the lemak in his body to keep up and stay ‘alive’.

He still ate good food (yang I masak and adjusted to make it less fat and less carbs) at breakfast, lunch and dinner without fail, and still had his treats of ice cream (low fat) or chips (portion control) and still lost the weight.

Dia cuma burned 1000 cals(minimum) aje in a day and yet he still lost 2kg/week awal2 dulu.

And memang terbukti he lad lost that weight by only burning 1000cals/day. You can look at his old photos and now photos kalau tak percaya.

Tu yang buat we all sikit geram tu, their over the top claim when we know how hard it is to lose the excess baggage on our bodies ni!

So, please lah, next time kalau nak buat claim gah macam tu, make it believable, realistic and backed up by reliable scientific journals!


abdullah gazali said...

dah lama tak datang sini..
im working on my abs right now..
i want six pack..muahahahaha

Ibu Ammar said...

hai kak LG, bersungguh saya baca entry ni bila tengok peringatan awal hehe

betul la, mana ada jalan mudah korset ke apa ke nak kurus.

mind set orang kita macam tulah. duduk saja boleh kurus. duduk saja boleh kaya. aduhaiiiii. sampai bilalah nak berubah.

Flower said...

Oi Mynn, belum cool lagi ke? :))

Org2 yg menjual tu, kalau nak meniaga, jgnlah bagi info yg tak betul, salah or tak tepat. Itu menipu kiranya. Nanti kena sue baru tau...

Unknown said...

waaa... bersungguh2 betul kak LG explain. very details. macam lecturer bagi lecture dekat students. dan saya sgt setuju dgn apa kak LG tulis. kalau nk 'menipu' orang pun (si penjual tu la kan) agak2 la. jangan la cakap ikut sedap mulut. tapi tak tahu la kalau ada yang percaya.

kesimpulannya, kita ni kena byk membaca. supaya jgn mudah tertipu dan jangan senang2 nak tipu orang. sekarang semua mklumat hujung jari je.

lemongrass said...

My hubby pun wants that 6-pack so much but so far so difficult to get, hahaha.

Hehehe...memang panjang giler cerita I malam ni kan :-).
I think sekarang semua orang nak everything instantly kan, kalau kena tunggu lama sikit, semua cepat bosan and wont do it.
Tu yg percaya segala macam benda ni :-(

Hahahaha....tak habis lagi ni :-P.
Tu lah nya, I tak kisah sgt klu diaorang nak claim sikit2. Ini sampai sikit nya tak larat I nak baca :-).

Miss Jue,
hahaha...kenalah bersungguh2 kan sbb nak debate their claim ;-). I n hubby dulu sikit nya penat jaga makan and exercise, baru kurus. And then diaorang tipu bagai nak rak. Like you said, kalau nak menipu, jgn lah over sgt kan!

Anonymous said...

I super like this post because I've been approached too few times walaupun dah kate xmo dan tak berminat. Lelagi gune alasan 'xnak sehat ke? Boleh prevent cancer tau" and other ridiculous claims. Paling best they said 'nanti boleh expand business kat Florida'. Tah pape tah.

But from my observation and what I notice lah (this is MY observation), yg jual to all pun mostly mok2 gak, tak slim pun huhu


azra said...

Hai. Explanation betul2 mcm fitness trainer (two thumbs up). I'm on a journey to lose weight, tapi disebabkan multiple surgeries, haish, knalah rest a bit. But kak, really like your entries. Very informative. Keep up the good work!

My MAA said...

besele K' skang nie sume nak mudah nak cepat...yes, some things are realistic...but some are just a wishful thinking.....kalau tak masakan ada yg phd pun beli...sume nak senang....nak escape all the sacrifices and painful journey..sama la mcm nak kuruskan badan...mana ada short cut kan?

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty LG,
Ada short cut. Gi plastic surgeon, sedut semua lemak keluar. Lepas tu, tak pasal-pasal kena heart attack. Enam bulan lepas buang lemak, dah gemuk balik sbb tak ubah lifestyle. Membazir je. Jadi kucing lagi baiklah... purrr....meow!

Sizuka said...


Sham's 6-pack dah visible now sebab dia pakai corset yang claim boleh burn 900 calori an hour! hahahha.. just kidding.

but about sham's 6-pack showing tu, betul cuma dia kena work harder for it to nampak lagi define.

I want that corset la k.min so that I dont have to work my ass up to lose weight! if only it's that EASY. aiyo!

faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

kak min, all the corsets just doing nothing except for wasting the buyers money..dari beli corsets beribu rggt tu, baik beli treadmill kan..bleh exercise for loose weight and maintain good healthy life jugak..

NenetPenne (NP) said...

pakai korset ke apa ke kalau melantak bagai nak rak tak jalan jugak..

the best way, exercise laa kan... jalan2 kat taman atau keliling rumah tu lagi afdal..jimat duit tak payah keluar sampai RM2 ribu..

eh my fren pakai tulah.. i tengok badan mcm tu gak eh... mok2 jugak..

lemongrass said...

It's so true though, that's what I noticed as well. The sellers are mostly chubby so how can people buy the product from them? Aren't they supposed to be the best models for their product? :-).
I hate it so much with their claim that it can prevent cancer. That definitely makes me so so mad!

I'm not a fitness trainer but we do read loads of good reliable information :-). It is hard work losing the weight kan.

itu lagi satu kan, senang2 aje beli PhD. Sian kat orang2 mcm you yg bertungkus lums nak dpt that title Dr. Tetiba aje diaorang pandai2 bubuh title tu depan nama diaorang.

Buat lapband surgery or liposuction, pastu memang kurus kan. A few years later, kembung balik.
Jad cat pun boleh gemuk apa, hikhikhik....

jom kita pakai 2-3 keping sekali gus, lagi banyak calories boleh burn kan, hahahaha.
Sham kena pakai around his waist aje lah ye sbb cuma nak bagi 6-pack :-P

Kalau pakai apa pun yg ketat around our body, memang lah dgn automatic nya kita akan tak makan banyak kan sbb sendat. Baik beli talipinggang yg 10 ringgit aje tu and ikat perut so tak boleh makan banyak dr spend beribu2 ringgit, hehehe...

lemongrass said...

hikhikhik....bila kita tanya orang yg pakai kenapa masih mok2, diaorang akan jawab, kalau tak pakai lagi sgt2 mok.
What a stupid answer kan :-).
Exercise tu yg paling penting. I pun nymapah ya amat dgn exercise ni and dah lama jugak tak buat tp I active gak around the house and jaga makan so tu yg my weight tak naik mencanak2.

Arlida Abdullah said...

Comelnya anak2 akak!! And good luck on your journey to slimness :)

penDragon said...

fuh!!! worth reading walaupun N3 ni panjang...I dh ikut progress akak dr zaman TOH still chubby lagi...& I know, bukan senang nk lose weight....pasal corset tu, x boleh nk senang2 percaya kan....x logik langsung...

K.Nor said...

min, 45kg tu masa k.nor baru kawin tau.. tu, 23 tahun dulu..skrg? huhu tambah lg 15kg.. hahahah

BELLA74 said...

very informative post.........I like :)))) I'm trying to lose fat as well but only at tummy area huhuhuhu susahnye helppppp!!!!!!

Azura Majid said...

Hai Kak Min!

Memang betul pun,takkan la dengan pakai korset je blh kurus.kalau mcm tu takde la kes obesiti zaman sekarang ni kan. (subsidi beli korset untuk mengelakkan obesiti.hihihi).

mama_QnR said...

puan Serai

"That’s why people who are in a coma at the hospital still need food in the form of IV feeding. Kalau tak bagi all these nutritions, they’ll lstart losing first fat then muscles."

Or is it the other way round?

You lose water, muscle and then lastly fat if you follow all those fad diets that's extremely low in calories. Body tends to hold on to fat for survival.

That is why if you stop "dieting" (i.e. restricting calories) you will gain more weight and would be harder to lose coz you have more fat, and lack of muscles to burn 'em.

Anyway, for a corset to claim the ability to burn a LOT of calories in an hour doing nothing is utter lie. Ridiculous. Period.

p/s : great post!

Kak E said...

as salam min...
i agreed 150% with ur info...ubat kuruih paling berkesan is ur brain...x dak ubat yg bole simply slim down ur body just dgn wearing it or tampal it kat perut or extra2..
tapi tu la when bis marketing really amaze customer..terngangga juga customer...

apa2 pun min ..both of u really inspire loss weight..:)))

lemongrass said...

thanks :-)

tapi kan yg heran nya, ramai yg percaya bulat2 about that magic corset, tu yg buat we all geram. Sebab we know how hard it is to lose weight. Ramai yg terpedaya dgn the corset claim and spend ribu2 and still atkde hasil.

Kak Nor,
hikhikhik....I pernah gak nak dekat2 60kg dulu tp lepas tu cepat2 insaf sbb asik rasa mengah aje and segala nya sendat, hahaha.

it is difficult to lose when we try to target 1 area aje. But I notice yg crunches help a lot to tone that area.

tu lah kan. Kalau pakai corset aje boleh prevent cancer lah, bolah jadi kurus lah, sudah semestinya kerajaan bagi subsidi kan so semua orang boleh beli corsets :-).

Mama QnR,
Fat is normally the easiest to burn and use for energy. But if you are lying in bed permanently, memang akan ada muscle wasting jugak sbb the muscles are not used.
But when you restrict the calorie intake greatly, memang the body tends to hold on to everything to conserve energy and since fat is easiest to get energy from, they hold on to it longer.

Kak E,
But a lot of people lupa nak use anugerah Allah paling bagus, our minds and brains, bila disogok dgn segala 'info' yg ridiculous ni kan.

Inah said...

love love love this entry! :)

yeah..this is actual facts! people in the gym know how hard I've worked to achieve my weight now..losing 32 kg in 7 months is a total hard work!


thank you for this entry!

Rozita said...

Hai LG...betul u cakap tu...i dah berdiet sejak bulan 6 bulan yg lepas, baru lost 9 - 10 kg je. Itu pun without much sweating coz i hanye control my calories intake je..

lemongrass said...

Congrats on your weight loss. That's an amazing feat! It is definitely hard work and when some unscrupolous people make this kind of claims, tu yg I feel so so mad.

Memang bukan mudah nak buang lemak ni kan. Hati kena cekal nak control the calories and kena gigih nak exercise baru boleh lose a lot.

Mrs D said...

That's very true. Ada juga slimming product yg claim consumer can slim down sampai 5kg a week, which is unhealthy, when we all know that to slash 1 lb of fat we must burn about 3600 calories. So kalau dah sampai slim down by 5kg by just consuming the product without a dash of physical workout, either it is just a claim, atau it involves a huge dehydration sampai cause the consumer to cirit birit all day long. Tu yg badan jadi saggy tak pasal2 tu.

Anyway.. congrats to you and your other half for being able to reduce your weight healthily. That's the way it should be :)

Flower said...

You can hide your tummy with corset but you cannot hide that batwing flapping in the wind...

lemongrass said...

Mrs D,
All those slimming products lagi lah banyak yg scary kan. And like you said, most of them are due to dehydration which is bad for the body. I pun kalau kena cirit birit from too much lactose or from food poisoning boleh lose weight lepas tu, hehehe.

If you see some of them yg jual corset ni, you can still see their muffin tops and batwing so how? hehehe...

hasmn said...

Baru nak tanya macam mana nak kuruskan tang perut.. thanks for the tips..

dulu berat saya ni borderline anorexia.. BMI low sangat.. bila baca blog kak LG baru saya aware about BMR, calorie, exercise dan makan secara sihat.. skang berat dah area maintain je..

cuma nak tanya.. kakak kat pejabat ni dok telan ubat kurus (produk MLM belaka) lepas tu tak makan nasi.. turun 8kg/2 weeks.. sehat ke diet regime macam ni?

lemongrass said...

I ni memang tak percaya langsung ubat kurus ni sebab mostly ubat ni cuma kurangkan air dalam badan kita aje and later on in life, maybe boleh ada effects kat buah pinggang atau liver. Kalau sape2 tak makan nasi for 2 weeks memang lah boleh kurus tp sanggup ke sampai bila2 dia tak nak makan nasi kan :-).
Kita kalau boleh nak lah maintain the weight loss tu so tu yg my diet ni kiranya lifestyle changes bukan setakat untuk 2 minggu aje. Tapi kalau kita 'nasihat' kat orang2 mcm ni pun, diaorang tak nak terima kot kan, hehehe.

hati ini said...

kak LG...
entry akak cukup menyedarkan saya yg dah berangan2 nak beli korset yg kononnye bleh burn calories dgn cepat ;) thanks kak LG. tak de jln mudah nak kurus...

blu4sky said...

hahaha tu dia mdm LG kita dah bg lecture..the corset is good to maintain body posture but to lose weight.. idok lerr..mayb 1 or 2 kg..itu pun sbb corset kat sendat mcm mana nak mkn..nak wee wee pun susah.. hehehe
yes i hv one..i've tried everything in the name of losing weight..and totally agree with you..working out and watch out your calories intake really works for long term weight lost..ood to maintain body posture but to lose weight.. idok lerr..mayb 1 or 2 kg..itu pun sbb corset kat sendat mcm mana nak mkn..nak wee wee pun susah.. hehehe
yes i hv one..i've tried everything in the name of losing weight..and totally agree with you..working out and watch out your calories intake really works for long term weight lost..

Carmello said...

hai kak LG..
hihi tetiba memerlukan bantuan DR.LG. takpe ke?.. hihi saya punya BMR 1360 calories. RMR 1264 cal. jd kalo saya nk kurus lg apa yg saya boleh buat dgn reading BMR&RMR ni kak? Saya pun SAHM jgk.saya kena mkn kurg dr bmr ni ke?

lemongrass said...

hehehe...I tak kisah kalau that corset claims to maintain posture or to tuck in all the fat yg gelebeh2 kat tummy sbb bnyk corsets lain claim that as well :-). And I can claim my $10 belt pun boleh kurangkan berat sbb if I put it too tight, memang mengah I nak makan banyak, hahahaha.
It's the ridiculous over the top claim that it can burn 900cals/hour tu yg tak boleh belah betul and the way they perlekehkan people who exercise, memang beyond believe.
I can lose weight easily kalau I go on no carbs diet or any kind of fad diets for 2 weeks but I definitely cannot maintain that lifestyle :-). I want to enjoy my food but in moderation lah kan.

Hi. I advise you to log kat You tak payah log in daily, cuma log in untuk tau berapa banyak calories minimum yang you kena ambik hari2.
Like me it is 1200cals (minimum) sbb I kurus and kecik. But once I add activities semua, I kena makan balik all the calories yang I burn from exercise sebab I skrg tgh maintain my weight.
Whatever you do, jgn makan kurang dari BMR sbb kalau you makan kurang dr BMR, your body ingat you tak cukup makan and akan try to conserve semua energy and will reduce your metabolic rate. And makin susah you nak lose weight nanti.
And make sure you makan bfast, lunch and dinner betul and minum air banyak.
What you need to do, makan all your BMR calories in a day, but tambah energy yang dibakar dgn exercise hari2 kalau boleh, 30 minit pun cukup. My friend kat sini dia pasang dvd lagu n dance anak dia and menari ikut budak2 tu :-). Berpeluh jugak!
The weight loss tak kan mendadak turun tapi gradually it will reach there one day :-). Baik sikit2 and lama2 we get there. Dari turun mendadak but naik mendadak jugak :-). Good luck ye!

Eiza GreenAppleKu said...

Memang sesetengah slogan untuk melariskan barangan yg mereka jual agak gempak utk tarik perhatian orang supaya membelinya. hahaha..

Jgn mudah terpedaya. Sila baca blog Kak LG dahulu. :) Salam perkenalan dari saya.

Mrs D said...

Reading about what kak LG said about conserving energy tu.. our body ni is smart kan, such that if they don't get enough supply it will switch to starvation mode and start to conserve energy.. dulu my personal trainer advice me to do calories zig zag to avoid that from happening. So basically there are days yg I ambik lower calories and ada days yg I ambik slightly higher calories in a week, but make sure the weekly consumption is still within the range yg kita nak.

Carmello said...

hai kak LG. waa..tq,tq.. i igt kan kita nk kurus kena mkn kurg dr bmr tu. i dh kira2 byk la tak boleh mkn mcm tu. hihi i dlm process nk slim.. taklah berisi sgt,tp hmpir semua seluar tak boleh pakai dah skrg ni. hahah wah,idea yg bagus tu.. psg dvd dance bersama kids. ok..i akan try. hmmp..biar lmbt kurus tp selamat. dr kurus mendadak tp mbahayakn.
TQ yer Kak LG.

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Hi there, wow ur hubby used to burn 2000 calories a day?supercool.I exercise and burn 1000 calories a day pun rasa dah a lot. I haven't been losing kilos but inches maybe,I am satisfied alhamdulillah

Teratak Amir Amira -{@ said...

min, kena kuat azam dan pengetahuan ni untuk kurus,doakan supaya saya cekal ye. dah lama dah gemuk ni sejak anak petama lagi,dah penah jadi orang gemuk...

lemongrass said...

memang lumrah bisnes, kalau nak jual barang, mesti slogan gempak giler tp berpada2 lah kan. Janganlah sampai lari langsung dgn scientific facts :-).

Mrs D,
we did that too esp hubby lah. If he reaches a plateau with his weight, he will increase his caloric intake for a few days and then go back down. It helps keep the body metabolism on its toes, hehehe,

you are welcome. A lot of people think klu nak kurus kena mkn less than BMR, actually tak boleh sebenarnya. Better makan BMR tapi top up dgn exercise so metabolism kita akan jadi active instead of slowing down :-). Jangan set goal kata nak lose 2kg/week, cuma set goal kata nak kurangkan sikit dlm seminggu. Sebab klu kita set goal yg terlampau, kita akan kecewa klu tak tercapai, pastu terus stop dieting and exercising. Tapi klu goal kita cuma nak turun sikit2 seminggu and kalau tercapai, kita akan happy and terus bersemangat :-).

Ibu, Mommy....
Yeap, he rides to and from work everyday, 1 hour each way. Dulu when he had all the fat, he used to burn 950-1000cals each way. Weekend pulak he will do around 2 hours of exercising each day and burn around that much as well. I pulak, kalau dpt burn 500cals, dah exhausted giler but happy giler, hehehe. But now, he only burns around 700 cals each way sbb he's slimmer and fitter.

Amir Amira,
Memang kalau nak lose weight ni hati kena cekal and semangat kena kuat. InsyaAllah, boleh lose all the weight one day :-)

Unknown said...

sis, now ni saya dok berjogging ataih treadmill and burn 500cal per day pun macam nak pengsans. camno tu encik hubby hakak buats? btw, dia memang sejibik cam van diesel lah la ni.

aidie said...

i terus sign up :) thanks for the inspiration :D

lemongrass said...

My hubby tu memang cekal sungguh nak lose weight. I pun sampai nak pengsan burn 500 cals, dia hari2 pergi balik kerja kayuh basikal 1 jam each way, tu yg boleh burn bnyk calories :-).

You are welcome :-)

~Am said...

oh I love this entry!
thanks sis

ceritacherita said...

really love this entry, i am on my way to lose weight jugak. i sama mcm u la, kecik, tinggi kita sama je, but i am 49kg right how. dpt 46kg pun dah bersyukur. tapi huhuhu susahnya.

lemongrass said...

they really make me mad with their claim. Selalunya I can buat tak tau aje but this time tak boleh tahan, hehehe.

Memang susah kan nak lose that 3kg. I pun dulu nak lose 2kg pun punya hazab until my hubby join lose weight sama, baru senang bila dah ada teman :-).

knv said...

sis, yang paling menyampah bila tukang promote tu cakap as if that bloody corset can 'replace' exercise. wth betul lah. kot ye pun nak jual barang biarlah berilmu sikit.

money oriented!

lemongrass said...

Hati ini,
Sorry I termissed yr comment. Tak payah lah buang duit ribu2 tu sekarang kan :-).

tu lah nya yg I buat I geram sgt. If they claim that it can help reduce weight on top of exercise, takpa lah jugak. Ini diaorang mcm gelak2 kan aje orang yg exercise kan.

Cik Lina said...

semangat i bace entry ni. betul tu kak LG.Lina dulu nak kurus, ambil mase sebulan lebih. baru dapat 5 kg. itupun sebab ambil makanan kurang dari yang patut lina consume. seksa. hari2 kene berjalan 3km, semata2 nak berpeluh. pheww..cuma sekarang, da naik balik. hehe..sedang usaha untuk kasi turun dengan berpuasa. :)