Saturday, 18 October 2008

We had a busy but fun day today. We invited some friends over to the house today so pagi tadi lepas bangun aje terus busy kemas rumah and bathroom ( Salina, our house is not always that kemas and clean, hehehehe ;-) ). Then took Miss 9 to Girl Guides while we went shopping at the fish shop and the asian grocery shop. Found frozen petai and durian there and the other half really wanted to have them. I sometimes wonder which one of us is the Asian in the family? He said it would be nice to have nasi lemak for dinner with sambal sotong and petai. Aduih Mat Saleh sorang ni, lagi teruk teringin nya dari I, hehehe. Luckily tak jumpa tempe there, kalau tak, sure dia dah suruh beli and goreng tonite!

After that, we went back home for lunch and went out again with the friends to Point Heathcote playground. Miss 5 had a great time at the playground there while Miss 9 had a fun time trying out her new kite :-). She bought the kite on Thursday and punyalah tak sabar nak main. The other half had to teach her how to fly it but biasalah kan, baru aje belajar, lagi banyak menjunam dari terbang, poor her. But, she had so much fun though :-). I'll put up the photos esok aje lah ye.

Then came home and cooked nasi lemak and all its accompaniments. Thanks Salina for the help in the kitchen :-). I think everyone enjoyed dinner tonite sebab semua siap bertambah lagi, hehehe. Maybe semua kelaparan sebab dinner was a bit later than usual :-). Even the other half siap bertambah makan sambal sotong and petai.

The accompaniments- bilis, telur rebus, timun, tahu goreng, kobis goreng. Kacang goreng and keropok not in the picture.

Our sambal sotong and petai.

My plate :-).


Mat Gebu said...

LGGGG!!!!!......Dah lah i masuk blog u malam2, lepas tu nampak nasi lemak, lepasss tu nampak sambal tumis sotongg dah lah tuu ada petaiii pulakkkk!!!!!...sungguhh kejammmm!!!!!!!!!!!

lemongrass said...

Uish Cik Mat,
mlm2 jerit2 ni takut lain pulak yg dtg,hehehe. Manalah kita tau Cik Mat nak mkn nasi lemak n smbl sotong n petai tu,klu bagitau awal2 tadi, dah sure kena jemput mkn sama, ahaks!

Flower said...

I wish my hb terlebih 'Asian' dari your hb. Tapi kan kiranye alhamdulillah lah sbb sekurang2nye suka jugak Asian food. Kalau tak kena makan omputih je lah tiap2 hari.

ps - mcmana you train dia huh?

lemongrass said...

As long as your hubby tak mintak meat n 3 veg hari2 tu dah kira cukup baik lah tu, hehehe...
Probably we got married when my hubby was quite young so tastewise dia can still adapt to Asian food easily.

Salina said...

Dear Mynn,

Thanks a lot for the hospitality and the yummylicious nasi lemak! And tak sangkakan that fried cabbage complement pulak dengan nasi lemak!

Thanks for all the troubles! May allah bless you and family. Nantilah once i dah settle and all my pots and pans dah sampai i invite all of you for lunch. But don't think can beat you nasi lemak!

SweetBites said...

hi lemongrass, just visited ur site via Vg's. nice blog u hve here I enjoyed reading ur posts. nasi lemak looks so yummy with such a variety of accompaniments.

lemongrass said...

Hi Salina,
Hihihi, I thnk maybe sbb my rice wasn't that lemak kot, that's why kena with that fried cabbage :-). Anytime for 'makan free', we'll be there ;-).

Hi Sweetbites,
Thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog. Nasi lemak will always be make my mouth water too :-).