Friday, 17 October 2008

End of the week's finally here but we'll be busy again this weekend. The other half has to do our tax this weekend before the ATO comes knocking on our door! We have to submit it before the 31st of October and baru sekarang terhegeh2 nak buat, hishh..... Past few years except last year, we've been getting some tax refund but tahun lepas for the first time, we've got to pay some more tax to the government! Tension betul, dah lah banyak dia cut from the other half's pay and yet we still have to give some more to them! Banding dengan Malaysia memanglah Australian income tax is so high. When he was working in M'sia, his income got taxed around 5% tak silap but now kat sini he gets taxed around 40%, punyalah jauh beza, hehehe..... When I tell sedara mara kat M'sia berapa banyak tax he gets now, semua terperanjat dengar and semua macam tak percaya aje :-). Macam mana lah nak kaya kan ;-). But that's life I guess.

And we still have to finish our 'remodelling' of the rooms. Since we've been so busy during the week, memanglah tak sempat nak siapkan mengangkut segala barang2 and furniture. We managed to transfer a few more things tonite and have finally managed to empty out the guest room of all the junks and what-nots that were 'stored' in there. But bukannya di buang pun the junks, we just 'relocated' them to another room, hahahahahaha. But we've put aside all the stuff to be given away or thrown away so bila ada masa terluang nanti, bolehlah pergi Good Sammy.

Malam ni semua orang takde mood nak makan berat2 so I made toasted chicken burger.

This is how the burgers look like before being toasted. I just used leftovers roast chicken, mashed avocado, sweet chilli sauce, mayo, sliced tomatoes and shredded cheddars. I think using roast chicken tastes way better than using store-bought chicken patties. Maybe sebab the skin tu yg buat rasa dia lagi sedap, hehehe.
In the sandwich press they go :-).
Erkkkk, help! They came out so flat but the cheese was nicely melted inside and the buns toasted just perfect. Yummmmmm! Cubalah baru tau :-).


Flower said...
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Flower said...

Tax Australia mmg giller. Kkdg sedih gak bila tgk org2 yg rajin bekerja kena tanggung org yg tak rajin ni. Bukannye apa, bukan sakit, bukan cacat cuma malas kerja. Ada tu lak asyik beranak tiap2 tahun. :(. I kalau beranak lagi pun tak entitle for baby bonus. Dulu dpt gak merasa $60 fortnightly utk FTB. Skrg ni haprak je.

lemongrass said...

yg beranak tiap tahun tu pulaknya still teens lagi,tu yg lagi geram!We all dah lama gak lah tak merasa FTB ni,mmng haprak,hehehe.

gee carmen said...

cam ne rupe burger yg dah siap nieee.. x tunjukk ponnnn.. hhuuuhuuuhuuu

lemongrass said...

Hi Gee,
Burger dah siap mmng tak cantik rupanya sbb flat abis,mcm kena steamrolled aje, hehehe