Friday, 24 October 2008

The rain's finally here. It was really really heavy this morning, with strong winds to boot. And just now, the Little Misses baru aje nak masuk tidur when suddenly both of them came running out saying, "we saw white flashes through the window blinds! And we could here thunders as well!" I guess the long awaited thunder storm has also finally arrived :-). Best lah tidur malam ni with the rain and thunder and lightning, I love it!

Tonite's dinner was pizza, I made 3 types because we had guests over so the non pedas pizza for the kids, hot salami pizza for the adults and pizza marinara for the other half. He was the only one yang suka seafood pizza ni. We had the pizza with salad and garlic bread. Tu yg nampak banyak sangat pizza in the picture, macam nak buat pizza and movie nite aje kan! Then, to end the pizza feast, I made chocolate cake. Bila lah nak mula diet ni, cheese followed by chocolate! Syawal dah nak abis but diet tak mula2 lagi, hampeh betul lah!


akakerin said...

Assalamualaikum lg....nanti bagi akak
resepi choc. kek tu ok!

Mat Gebu said...

Whaaaa!!!!!!....Pizzaaa...........Whaaa!!!!...chocolate cake...Ohh nooooo!!!!!!!!

lemongrass said...

Hi Akak Erin,
Resipi tu I dpt kat Myresipi by Hanis Majid.Nama dia kek coklat kukus.

Cik Mat,
marilah sama2 kita menggemukkan diri dgn cheese dan coklat ye, hehehe