Sunday, 12 October 2008

There's a saying that goes something along the line of ' A change is as good as a holiday'. I guess if you are rich, you can do both but since we've just had our holidays in June, so we had to do the next best thing today which was changing the furniture around :-). After lunch just now masa tengah lepak2 depan pc, the other half and I were discussing about the layout of the rooms and we decided to move a few things around so it will look like we have more space. We love doing this every few months bila dah rasa bored tengok benda2 yang sama at the same place hari2. Nak cat rumah or gantung benda2 kat dinding tak boleh sebab rumah sewa, so angkut and pindah furniture around aje lah yang boleh di buat. We might change them around again in a few months time :-). I do ramble on and on and on, don't I?

And while the other half and I were busy with the furniture, the Little Misses were outside playing with water. After an hour playing outside getting very wet and soaked, they came inside shivering and very blue! It's only Spring and bukannya panas sgt pun hari ni but diaorang yang nak sgt main air sampai basah kuyup so kesejukan lah!

Our lunch today, makizushi (thanks Hana bagi nama yang betul :-)).

Our dinner tonite, sausages and all the accompaniments, yummy :-).


Flower said...

Aussie ngan sausages, mana boleh dipisahkan kan, kan....

lemongrass said...

tak kan nak mkn nasi impit n kuah kacang aje, hehehehehehe ;-)

Flower said...

Ye lupa lak, you masih raya mood. I kuah kacang ngan nasi impit dah habis pendam since the first day.

How your tart? Masa ada lagi, still nak bake or pendamkan hasrat you.

Intan Rosnitta said...

Mana pic before & after make-over?

Hihi :D

lemongrass said...

my nasi impit still ada lagi dlm fridge tu, but I thnk dah boleh masuk Cik Tong. Sambal kcg pun bnyk lagi dlm freezer,hehehe. I ingat nak buat tart esok klu ada masa lah :-).

Gambar after adalah but gambar before lupa nak ambil,hehehe.