Saturday, 4 October 2008

Raya dah hari ke 4 but I'm still so lazy nak masak 'normal' food. For dinner last nite, we were still eating nasi impit and lauk raya. The other half and the Little Misses dah nak termuntah asik makan nasi impit aje, hahahaha. So, malam ni since masih malas nak masak sgt2, I just cooked them scrambled eggs and toast for dinner! They were soooo happy with the scrambled eggs macam lah sedap sangat2 the eggs tu. I think they were just so thankful not to have to eat nasi impit again for 4 nights in a row! :-). This is what happened when Mummy cooked too much food for Raya, everyone had to eat the same dishes nite after nite after nite. Nasib baik we have big enough freezers to freeze all the rendang and kuah kacang and ayam masak kicap and masak lodeh for future use, hehehehe. So, in a few months, bila tetiba terkenang and teringin nak makan lauk raya, tinggal defrost aje, senang kan :-).

Tomorrow is Miss 2-more-days-to- 5's birthday party. So, since last nite i have been quite busy baking things after the Little Misses have gone to bed. It's much easier baking and decorating the cookies and cake after they've both gone to bed, kalau tak, tak larat nak layan all the questions from them! So far, I'm quite happy with my handywork :-). Ye lah, kalau kita tak puji diri sendiri, sape lagi yang nak puji kan! But still not up to selling standard but kalau setakat nak buat utk makan sendiri, memanglah dah pass sgt2, hehehe. I still have loads of things to do esok especially the final decoration on the birthday cake. Luckily, all the food for tomorrow are already in the freezer, tinggal panaskan n goreng aje esok, so tak lah susah sgt. Alah, bukannya the kids makan banyak sgt pun esok, they'll be more excited to play and eat junk food than eat something mengenyangkan.

The cake in progress. Hopefully, it'll look much prettier lah once the final touches are done :-). We told her we'll use white icing on her cake sebab tak nak guna colouring banyak sgt, takut nanti all the kids hyper giler!
The cookies I made and decorated for the goodies bags.
I'll post more photos esok of the birthday party and also the of the birthday girl.

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