Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Thank you to everyone who wished Miss 5 a happy birthday. She's officially now a Miss 5, she thinks 5 is such a big number because it's half of 10, hehehehe. So, kiranya Mummy and Daddy ni dah ancient sangat2 lah sebab dah berapa kali multiples of 10s :-). I know I'm ancient because the other half now loves to count my grey hair. Bukannya ada banyak pun but he gets so excited kalau terjumpa even 1 grey hair on my head! And you wonder why he keeps his head shaved. So I can't search for grey hairs on his head, thats why!

Today, the Little Misses had their 6 monthly dental check up. For a 5-10 minute check with the paediatric dentist, it cost us $52/child. Luckily all their teeth don't need any treatment or else lagilah banyak kena bayar, hehehe. But Miss 9 might need to see an orthodontist in a few years time if her jaws aren't growing big enough for all her adult teeth to fit in nicely. The problem with her is that she's got the cute asian jaws but big mat saleh teeth so susahlah nak fit all those big teeth nicely without overlapping or getting crooked in her mouth which only means 1 thing....... Braces City, here we come! That will definitely be a huge bill! kenalah start saving from now nampak gayanya, hehehehe.

Some photos of the Little Misses occupying thier time today with bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles.

And everyone loved dinner tonite after a week plus of not eating pasta. We really missed our pasta so much selepas seminggu asyik makan lauk pauk raya and eggs aje sebab Mummy malas nak masak, hehehehe.....
Spaghetti and meatballs in creamy tomato sauce.


Salina said...

Dear Min,

Includelah recipe sekali for all your dishes! Bolehlah tumpang belajar!

lemongrass said...

Hahaha Salina,
My recipe kebanyakannya campak2 with whatever is in the fridge, freezer and pantry so everytime tukar2, hehehe...

Flower said...

Lupa nak comment earlier.

Are you sure cute asian jaw n big gynormaous mat salleh teeth. Setahu I leh, Asian got bigger mouth n smaller teeth. Sebab tu kitaorg suka makan kan. Hehehehe.

You tak gi ke school dentist ke? Omar I next week kena gi dentist sbb nak buat mould for his mouth 'plate'. Gigi besar depan dia tumbuh kebelakang sbb masa gigi tu keluar his milk tooth still ada kat depan. So sekarang gigi tu dah kena cabut n Dr. nak buat 'plate' with spring to push his tooth out. Caya tu. I never knew such thing before.

lemongrass said...

Anak I tak suka mkn, tu yg agaknya her jaws are small aje,hehehe. We all dari dulu dah pergi our own dentist yg refer her to the Paediatric dentist so tu yg malas nak tukar2 dentist. Zahra pulaknya since Alya dah pergi to the paediatric dentist, we all just take her along to see him. School dentist service tu they don't mind that we don't go to see them as long as we're seeing another dentist.