Thursday, 23 October 2008

It finally 'rained' today, well, if you can call a few drops of water rain. What the people normally say here when there's only a few drops of rain is "it's spitting outside". I wonder who they think is doing the 'spitting', hmmmm..... I'm still waiting for the thunderstorm though :-).

We had guests today at our house for dinner. A blogger friend who just migrated from M'sia to Perth with her family. Selama ni she's been reading my blog and seeing all the 'wonderful' food that I've made and created which might appear so tempting and delicious and tonite she finally got to taste my food. I pity them because they might have found the reality a let down when it comes to my cooking :-). Like I've been saying so many times before, you can do a lot with photos nowadays to make them appear delicious, ha..ha...ha.... Nantilah Sheri, I masak yang sedap2 ye bila I tengah extra rajin, hehehe.

Tonite's dinner, nasi with kari daging and sayur goreng.


Mat Gebu said...

LG...Tu pic masakan u, masa tak rajin ek?..ishh, kalau masa rajin tatau lah mcm mana..hehehe, i nak masak ni juga lah esok..tgh malas betul nak masak/baking, sejak lepas raya nihh!!..

Flower said...

Cari ngan sayur campur dulu I selalu beli kat warung masa I kerja dulu2, its either asam pedas with sayur campur or kari. Sepinggan dlm RM2.50.

Flower said...

Sorry spelling salah pulak

cari = kari.

VG said...

LG, at least it rained there. It's been 'threatening' here the past 5 -6 days, with gusty winds and black clouds. But not one spot of rain!

If this is your malas food, I rela makan anytime! In fact, taupau to Canberra!

lemongrass said...

Cik Mat,
Klu tgh rajin, siap ada sambal kicap n tahu goreng lagi nak buat mkn dgn kari tu,hehehe. Tak tau lah knapa tp sy suka betul mkn kari dgn sambal kicap jawa dgn tahu goreng, siap bertambah! Tp mlm tadi malas tu yg masak kari n sayur goreng aje, hehehe.

RM2.50 tu kira murah lah kan sbb skrg ni nasi putih kosong aje pun dah mahal. Tapi sedap kan mkn simple ni :-).

Hi VG,
We finally had a downpour today, it was so wet everywhere :-). Mcm ni, we can always exchange food cos I like the look of all your curries :-)