Saturday, 19 July 2008

Finally we are back in our home sweet home. The house was as we left it, nothing broken :-) but berabuk ya amat. 5 minggu nya habuk so bayangkan lah betapa tebal nya, hehehe. I guess for the next few weeks we'll be busy cleaning the house. Hari ni tak sempat pun kemas apa2 sebab busy unpacking all our luggage, washing loads of clothes, went grocery shopping and sleeping in :-). We got back from the airport around 1 o'clock in the morning so the little misses teramatlah mengantuk nya hari ni sebab tak cukup tidur. Luckily school doesn't start until Tuesday so sempatlah for them to have a good rest.

After 5 weeks tak masak dinner, rasa macam kekok aje nak pegang the pots and pans balik, hahaha.... Nasib baik lah the other half and the little misses tak nak a complicated dinner tonite so tak lah susah Mummy nak berperang kat dapur tu. When I asked them this morning nak makan apa for dinner, they straight away said, not rice! :-). So, I asked them again, nak tak if I cook home-made burger, they eagerly nodded their heads. Walaupun dah selalu sangat makan McD masa kat M'sia, I guess they still think Mummy's burger is the nicest ;-). Either that or they don't care what I cook as long as it's a western dish! Even the other half pun dah rindu sangat nak makan food cooked by his wife so tadi masak burger aje pun dah berapa kali dapat pujian kata sedap sgt2, wahkahkahkah. And I pun dah rindu sgt2 nak makan green salad so memanglah meleleh air liur tadi dpt makan salad :-). Sian betul lah my family ni, rindu sangat kat my cooking. Macam ni, for the next few weeks, kenalah I jadi rajin hari2, tak boleh lah nak malas2 masak ni kan, hehehe.....

Dinner simple malam ni, home-made beef burger with chunky chips and cos salad with croutons. Simple but delish!

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