Monday, 7 April 2014

A week’s worth of update

I know I know…

It’s been a week plus already…

Our lives have been going through the same old same old routine, nothing much to be excited about Smile

I guess when your kids are all grown up and their lives during school terms mostly revolve around school stuff, it’s not that interesting to blog about, hehehe.

And when they are grown up, they stopped saying and doing all those cute things that kids normally say and do that I can put up on the blog.

Now it’s more of “Oh Mum! don’t take my photos!” or “Oh Mum! Don’t put that up on the blog/insta!” or “Stop writing about us….”

Nak cerita pasal we all berdua, tak kuasa I nak cerita pasal oldies!


Nak tunjuk gambar our food, it’s basically the same kind of food I have been cooking for the past 6 years since I started this blog so I pun dah naik jemu tayang the same thing hari2, hehehehe.

But once in a while, seminggu sekali, boleh lah kan I buat a ‘sekali harung’ update about all of us and some of the food we had eaten/I had made Smile.

The Other Half is still gradually losing weight…


And looking more and more like Vin Diesel+Bruce Willis combined (bagi lah dia perasan sekejap!).Rolling on the floor laughing

Thus, this running away from the paparazzi photos





While wife dia pulak kejap naik kejap turun tapi tak dapat2 capai target nak turun 2 kg!

And the girls both dah nak habis first term of school.

This week will be their last week of term, then a 2 week break before another 10 weeks of term.

Miss 10 during her school assembly where her class was presenting a show.



And during her school fete last Saturday.


Psst…. cikgu dia terinterframe pulak kat belakang tu!


And Miss 14 pulak will turn 15 in 13 days time.



Makin susah nak ambik gambar dia so hanya boleh ambik dari jauh guna zoom lens aje lah, hehehehe….

And the some of the food we had


nasi and lauk pauk melayu especially sambal mackerel dalam tin and kangkung goreng belacan!


Mee hailam for the girls and I when The Other Half wasn’t home for dinner.


And I finally made thosai/dosa using readymade mix from a packet.


Jadi lah jugak walaupun cuma yang thick version thosai tu aje.


And dapatlah makan dengan all the right condiments Smile

And our weekly pizzas


Serunding pizza for The Other Half and cheesy pizza for the girls


And for the past few Sundays, I have been making doughnuts to take to Sunday school.



Buat banyak2 pun gerenti habis sebab everyone likes doughnuts kan Smile


ieda iedana said...

Your mamarazi skill for sure has developed this few months la kakk. Hahaha. previously just taking pict of stand still things (food, roses, ur garden) and ur family. but now, u have taken ur mamarazi skill to anor level, and we (read: me)- the teacher's fan, really enjoy ur newly developed skill. hahaha =P

Btw, ur pizza (oh, and ur bread and doughnut and pasta T__T)always looks so tempting. One fine day Insyaallah I'll pay u a visit =)

Kniedaz said...

Salam LG,
LG tak la gemuk...nampak kurus je..sepadan la dengan "Bruce Willis" tu hehe...

Chekgu Azrine said...

Sis..kurusla..lawa sgt!

oli said...

kak mynn, nak minta resepi donut!!!! TQ

makcikkantin said...

Kecik molek je LG dok sebelah bruce wilis tu :))

Anis Ismail said...

You always dress very nicely.

Mrs.Critical Thinking said...

Sweet couple, u are.. Suka sangat tengok u and famili.

Nani said...

salam sis...comel gak buat donat kecik2 gitu, dapat idea nie...sis dah makin kurus, tahan makan ker..

Cik Melor said...

salam kenal. sangat romantik, sangat cantik,sangat padan dan so sweet.

iena said...

Kak min..saya suka baca blog kak sy silent readers saja..
harap kak min approve ig saya, s_alina27

iena said...

Sweet couple n happy family