Monday, 20 August 2012

It’s just another usual Monday

The second day of Eid in our household is the usual busy Monday.

The Other Half going to work, me waking up early to prepare the girls lunch boxes after a month of hibernation and then sending the girls to school.

No more cuti2 raya ye, hehehehe….

But Miss 13 asked me if I could make some kuih ketayap for her to take to school to give to her friends sempena Raya.

And Miss 8 nak roti jala for lunch.

So, pagi tadi kelam kabut lah I menjala and menebar ketayap sekejap.

Nasib baik diaorang tak mintak rendang tok and ketupat daun palas kan!


Anyway, since tak pergi jalan2 beraya ke mana2 hari ni….

I spent some time in the garden at home…

Our lavender bush is blooming at the moment.

Tak sangka betul, after only a year+, it has grown so well.


Unfortunately our other lavender bush didn’t survive being smothered and suffocated by the watermelon plants.



And then bila nampak loads of lavender flowers ni, tetiba teringin pulak nak buat lavender biscuits.

But bila I Googled, I found out yang the type of lavender that we have tak sesuai untuk dibuat biscuits, sob sob sob….

Our lavender is the spanish lavender type and the smell and taste is a bit ‘camphor’ like so tu yang tak sesuai nak buat cookies.

Then bila I pergi Bunnings, they didn’t have english lavender which is the right type to use untuk buat cookies.

But masa jalan2 around the aisle, I saw this thing….


I’ve never seen this before and I’ve never seen lavender seeds being sold before so to find this is pretty amazing I think, hehehe.

And what makes it even better, it is a kit to grow english lavender, the type of lavender I’ve been looking for.

But we’ve never done this before so tak tau lah whether it will grow or not.

But, there’s a first time for everything kan Smile.

And I also bought another lavender plant because they look so gorgeous.


Can’t wait to start planting Spring and Summer plants soon!


Nina @ BabyBoon said...

selamat hari raya to u and family! :)

i love love love lavender. sgt sedih when we gave away our lavender plants. rindu btol kat lavender sampaikan kat msia i beli fake lavender for the front porch, diap taruk dlm watering can warna putih. perasan betol. lol

penDragon said...

I pun can't wait nk tgk progress lavender grow kit akak tu...segar sikit mata I tgk pokok lavender

Flower said...

One thing yg I tak suka abt lavender, they attract bees. Kat rumah I ni ada lavender bush. Punya lah byk bees ...

Chekgu Azrine said...

lawa sgt lavender!!

lemongrass said...

Selamat hari raya to you too.
I wonder if lavender can survive in Msian weather ye? Kalau you menetap kat atas gunung mana2 yg sejuk tu, boleh lah kan tanam lavender semula :-).

tu lah, I rasa mcm tak kan tumbuh dgn berjaya nya aje sbb we all bukan nya pernah tanam benda ni, hehehe

memang betul tu, my lavender bush pun penuh bees. I kena tunggu takde bees, baru berani pergi dekat, hehehe

Chekgu azrine,
memang cantik kan the purple flowers :-)

eda said...

salam raya kak !!
kak , betul ke lavender tu bau dia mcm kita beli oil fragrance yg bakar2 kat mesia neh kak ?