Friday, 20 June 2008

Another night playing secretary to a very frustrated wife who is feeling lost without her cyber friends (unlike the fact she is clearly not feeling lost without her husband). She is particularly upset because she can't organise the 'pakatan sulit'. I know she has plans to catch up with a few of you and she really wants to do it next week. However she can't access anyone's phone number through the myresipe forum. So whe still wants to catch up next week if possible so if you would like to go 'makan makan' can you sms or call her on 0192378726. She is now greatly regreting (despite my urging) not organising it earlier. because she didn;t plan on the cable being #$%&ing (I won't tell you what she really said) stolen and the #$%&ing telecom taking so long to replace it. She also promises to answer all the comments and chats when she can access the web again.

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