Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Of food and flowers

Celebratory dinner for a good result.


Creamy scalloped potatoes, baked crumbed lamb cutlets with mint pesto and a mixed salad of avocado, apple and greens.



Definitely fattening but very much devoured Smile.

Another well-received dinner, beef enchiladas.



I love salads so I have it often. This one has grapes, grape tomatoes, almond and greens.

The food I had last Friday nite when everyone else was having their usual weekly pizza.


I only had to cook the rice. The chicken curry, sambal belacan ayam penyet and the tahu goreng were all from the freezer.

I only had to reheat them, easy peasy!


Definitely much yummier (makan bertambah2 kind of yummy) to me than pizza!

And the Spring has finally sprung this week, the weather has been lovely, mid 20s during the day.


Cousin It has also started flowering eventhough tak banyak bunga lagi.

And we’ve added 2 more lavender plants on the strip.

This time they were the Allaardi variety which they say is the tallest lavender of the lot.


Our french lavender, still flowering and growing strong.

And now we have a hanging pot of fuschias outside the front door. Hopefully they grow well there.


The ever beautiful strawflowers.



Our first gazania.


It’ll open up when there’s sun and kuncup again in the evening.

And the colourful snapdragons.


Do you know that I just found out that strawflowers and snapdragons ni boleh ditanam di lowland Malaysia?

I’ve seen them in a few blogs, cantik aje hidup!

I dah post some seeds ke Mak I, tinggal tunggu dia rajin nak tanam aje, hehehehe….

I know we have pretty flowers outside but I still teringin somethign different inside.

Bought some carnations at the shop sebab our carnations that Miss 9 planted aren’t growing that well…


Berseri lah jugak inside kan Smile


Mat Gebu said...

Salam LG....erkk ye ke...snap dragon boleh tanam kat low land...nak cuba tanam lah nanti...Bila tengok snap dragon nya bunga, rupa dia seakan2 orang tak de gigi...hehe

Shamsiah Abdul Rahman said...

Assalamualaikum LG,
Fresh flowers.. mmg tak pernah menghampakan. Tapi Sham beli je. Selang-seli ngan lily, orkid or roses etc.
Nak tanam.. harap maklum je la..

JunAina said...

BUnga2 segar yang menenangkan hati...

Zaitun said...

Teruja betul kak Zai bila tengok bunga2 lg,semuanya cantik2.

Kak Zai dah mula gila pada bunga kertas. Bila musim berbunga macam2 colour ada.

JaSSNaNi said...


vivien_capri said...

kak LG, strawflowers tu my nenek grows in my kampung at the highland region of sabah.

nampak fake ja bunga tu hehe tapi so so beautiful :)

Fifi Nadhrah said...

patut macam pernah tgk snap dragon dekat sini..

norhidana miswan said...

kt luar rumah berseri ngn bunge kt dlm pun nk bunge gk ek kak...

farhanamamarifs said...

Miss 9 or miss 10, LG? Hehehehe...

Aidashar Abdul said...

the food looks so so delicious. Seriously, have you thought of coming up with a cookbook kak? I think you should consider that. Your photos are very nice too!