Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sports carnival and bread making

This week is the final week of term 3.

And then starting from Saturday, the girls will be having a 2-week break.

We don’t have any plan to go anywhere, duduk diam2 kat rumah sahaja, hehehehe.

2 weeks will just fly by so quickly when you are having fun by not doing anything at home Sarcastic smile.

And yesterday, Miss 9 (who’ll be turning 10 very very soon) had a school sports carnival.

Luckily, the weather was just perfect yesterday after hujan 2-3 hari and hujan lebat again today.

But unfortunately, her rumah dapat tempat tercorot sebab most of the students in her house semua lebih kurang Miss 9, tak terer main sports and langsung tak athletics, hikhikhikhik…

So, layan lah ye some photos I took yesterday.


The colours of the houses. Green is Moreau, Blue is Nairn, Red is Gwai and yellow is Canning.







And hari ni since stock roti dah habis so I had to bake another loaf.

Everyone liked the muesli bread the other day so I made it again using whatever muesli I had in stock.

It’s a good way to use up all the little bits of muesli.

Semenjak dua menjak ni have been using Dan Lepard’s easy bread recipe as the base of all my breads.

He uses the ‘less kneading’ method so sape2 yang takde bread machine and tak nak lengan jadi mcm lengan popeye from extreme kneading, his recipe is marvellous.

He uses the sponge method where you make the sponge first and then the rest.

But for my bread, I added 1 teaspoon of bread improver to his recipe so jadi lagi naik.

And he says to have the bread dough slightly wet and sticky still.

I still have mine a bit sticky but maybe not as sticky as his kot.

And make sure your hand and the kneading board are a bit oily when you want to knead the sticky dough or else it’ll stick everywhere!

Sebab the flour measurement is just a rough guide.

The amount all depends on the humidity, the temperature, the condition of the flour and macam2 lagi lah.

And my bread today.




The muesli I used had nuts and sultanas and currants in it and cinnamon and honey so the bread smelled extremely delicious! Smile

And you have to remember to soak the muesli in hot water first and then let it cool before mixing it into the sponge.

Or else all the nuts and fruits and oats wont be nice and soft in the bread.


The Other Half kata dah macam bread from Baker’s Delight aje, hahahaha.


Miss 14 and The Other Half love this bread, just with salted butter…


εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Teringin nak buat roti.. masih xkesampaian :) inshaaAllah 1 day hehehe

Izzah Azizah said...

Ya Allah...roti jer pun...tapi I know the smell and the tastes so...

mamasuri said...

terliur tgk roti akak setakat terliur jer lah kak..sbb nak bt sendiri mmg tak lah..huhuhu...
(tingat kilang roti yg dkt umah ma tu..hari2 bau roti )

Kniedaz said...

sedapnya....lama tak singgah blog LG....mesti terlepas banyak cerita

yana said...

Salam sis,
best dapat pergi sports day anak2..I tahun ni tertinggal keretapi...tapi nasib baik anak2 menang tak frust sangat depa walau mak datang lambat! If sis ada masa, do join my new and first ever segment in blog..KEcil Tapi BErmakna..nanti check my link ya!

Zaitun said...

Dulu masa anak2 kecik kak Zai pernah joint lari ramai2 macam ini tapi biasalah mesti jadi orang yang paling akhir sampai ke penamat hihi...