Sunday, 18 May 2008

Petang semalam, we took the little misses riding on their bikes while we power-walked around the Canning river. It was such a nice cool autumn day but with the sun shining. Sekarang ni dah mula sejuk in the morning and at nite but mostly sunny and fine during the day, around 20-23ºC. And around that area ada BMX trek and the little misses really wanted to have a go on riding on the trek. Layan sekejap their bike skills sampai lebam2 badan the little misses balik tu, hehehe.... Macam mana lah tak lebam2, Miss 9 tu, bike track yang lurus tu pun still wobbly on her bike kadang2 and Miss 4 1/2 still ada training wheels dah nak test their skills on BMX trek yang ber 'bukit bukau' tu. Definitely a recipe for disaster lah kan! But walaupun lebam2, they still enjoyed their bike rides yesterday.



Liasari said...

amboi lajunya zahra turun bukit...btw how long does it take 4 u to upload vidoe tu? ;-)

lemongrass said...

Hi Lia,
daddy dia push tu yang laju turun bukit,hehehe....
it took me less than 10 mins tak silap nak upload the video.