Monday, 24 March 2008

My cold got worse today. Dengan runny nose, sore throat, slight temperature, disappering taste sense and on top of that, my hayfever's back! At least it's still a public holiday so the other half can look after the kids. But I still had to cook because the other half hasn't cooked for maybe 3 years now so the little misses weren't prepared to eat his cooking, hehehe...And since I had to cook dinner, I thought that I might as well cooked a lavish spread (well, lavish for us anyway ! :-) ). Maybe sebab tak sedap badan, tengok food pun tak lalu nak makan so nak naikkan my selera i masak my favourite, ayam masak merah, pajeri terung and acar timun with nasi minyak! Kalah orang tak demam nya dishes, hehehe.... The other half loves acar timun n nanas. Kalau boleh memanglah dia suruh buat everytime makan nasi but biasalah kan, I ni bukannya isteri mithali, hahaha.

So malam ni tak bolehlah berceloteh panjang sbb tak larat nak type banyak2...Wish me well soon kay!

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