Sunday, 30 March 2008

Finally, daylight saving has ended here in WA. So, sekarang ni Perth time is the same as M'sian time instead of an hour early. But it also means sunrise comes early which means kena bangun lagi awal lah for subuh, hehehe...

Hari ni we went for Miss soon-to-be-9 first soccer match. From now on, our Sundays will be taken up with soccer matches sbb we have to go to different ovals for the games. Luckily it's a home game today so tak lah kena drive jauh2 sgt. Poor her though, baru aje 5 minutes into the game, dia dah kena sit on the bench sekejap sbb injury. Masing2 nak kejar bola kan so dia bertembung dgn another player and got hit quite hard on her ear. Berjurai jugaklah air mata sekejap, hehehe. Nasib baiklah mummy ada on the side nak usap2 telinga dia and nak bagi dia extra hugs. But unfortunately, their team lost their first game, 1-4...Luckily it's still a friendly match for the under 9s. They will still get a trophy at the end of the season, hehehe...

Miss 4 1/2 pulaknya was quite happy riding on her bike at the bike area kat sebelah the soccer ground and was quite upset that she had to stop riding to go and cheer her sister. Oh well, I couldn't just leave her there riding alone, could I!

Malam tadi dah makan nasi but hari ni teringin sangat pulaknya nak makan nasi lemak. Actually the other half yang teringin nak makan sambal. So, since dah buat sambal, baik buat nasi lemak teruskan. Pastu saje aje bungkus nasi lemak siap2 kat brown paper, nak bagi nostalgia sikit kat nasi lemak Malaysia. Kalau lah ada paru goreng, rendang daging, sambal sotong and kerang, memanglah sebijik macam gerai nasi lemak jadinya, hehehe...

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cik zatil said... laa akak
duk jauh dr mesia
pon leh mkn ns
lemak mesia..