Monday, 31 March 2008

It's been raining non stop here since this morning. Finally it was slightly cold after a very long hot summer. I might have to start digging out the long sleeve tops for the little misses. There'll be lots of last year's winter clothes yg dah tak muat rasanya sebab they have definitely grown. Itu yg leceh kadang2 duduk negara 4 musim ni, sebab every season kena bertukar ganti baju and then most of the times, the little misses can only wear them for 1 season.

Bila sejuk2 ni, it's nice to eat warm comforty food but the problem is, my comfort food is very different with the other half's comfort food, hehehe...I grew up where the sun always shines and he grew up not that far from the Antarctics so bezalah kan! But since I'm going to be cooking loads of my comfort food while he's away in New York in a few weeks time, so I cooked his comfort food tonite for dinner.

Tonite's dinner has a very strange name of 'toad in the hole'. This is a traditional British dish of sausages cooked/baked in Yorshire pudding batter. Nama dish ni lebih kurang macam nama2 kuih2 yang pelik2 kat M'sia tu lah. Konon nya dipanggil toad in the hole sebab nampak mcm sausages tu mcm rupa toads lah! But my 'toad in the hole' batter didn't turn out quite right. Sepatutnya dia mengembang naik cantik aje, puffs up probably like souffle but it still tasted really good. It's said that klu batter tu tak jadi, I can't use that'toad in the hole' name, I have to use 'Frog in the bog' instead, hehehe....

p/s I know the photo memang lah tak nampak menarik langsung but that's the best out of the lot, hehehe!

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