Friday, 28 March 2008

Malam ni the other half ada function in the city so he didn't join us for dinner. Selalunya bila the other half tak dinner at home, I normally cook dishes that I like but yang dia tak suka sangat like apa2 jenis mee except laksa/ mee kari. I looovvve noodles especially Malaysian style but the other half tak berapa gemar sangat mee ni so tu yang jarang jugak masak kalau banding dengan nasi. Bulan depan he'll be going to New York for a week so bolehlah I experiment with segala jenis noodles in the kitchen while he's away, hehehehe...but sian kat the little misses kalau I masak mee bandung pedas, mee jawa, asam laksa, mee siam....

Ingat tadi nak masak bubur nasi with all the condiments but tak tau whether the little misses would eat it so changed it to Beef Stroganoff. Last nite we stayed in Perth for our dinner, tonite we 'flew' out to St. Petersburg, Russia, where beef stroganoff originated from. The name stroganoff came from a Count whose cook invented the recipe for him. It's main ingredients are beef strips (but I used mince), mushroom and sour cream and it's normally eaten with wide egg noodles. But we had ours with pasta.

I can't remember when we had it last. The little misses finished theirs off without any complain which made me happy. The little misses are strange in that they very rarely ask for seconds even if they love whatever dinner they are eating. Tak tau lah kenapa. But kalau desserts, they'll ask for seconds everytime, tak ke tension tu!

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