Saturday, 15 March 2008

I know it's going to be a loonnnnggg wknd with the kids sbb they started driving us both nuts from the moment they woke up. I think this will be on of those weekend when we are so glad that we stopped at two! Awal2 pagi lagi dah mula bergaduh so the other half put one in the bedroom and one in the playroom and told them they weren't allowed to talk to each other for 30 mins. Peace and calm for 30 minutes before the arguing started again.

Little miss 4 1/2 drove us up the walls with her continuous "why not?" and constant "mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy". My deep breathing technique and counting to 10 didn't really work today! The big sister was better behaved after a stern talking to and went out of her way to not cross our paths, hehehe...

But I still had some patience left to do some baking with them. I let them make grissini / breadsticks and sausage buns for lunch and biscuits during the day and the other half took them to the playground in the afternoon (so I could have some breathing space).

Tonite's dinner was just a simple seafood mee goreng using instant noodles. I was too busy cleaning the house today because we are having guests tomorrow for lunch hence the laziness (I know excuses, excuses). But I did bake the bread, biscuits, a chocolate cake and made some curry pastes for tomorrow's lunch so I guess I wasn't that lazy eh :-) .

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