Sunday, 2 March 2008

Favourite Links Tag

Been tagged by S_Shamen & Nana for My Favalinks, to share my favourite links with others.Here come the rules first:
1. Blogger being tagged is to list out 5 of his/her favourite links.
2. These links can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want BUT must be clean and non X-rated sites.
3. Then, tag 5 bloggers to share the links.
4. Also, please link back to the person who tagged you.

My favalinks:

MyResipi- All the food kat sini menggiurkan :-) dan buat I rindu kat kampung halaman. And also, all the forum members tersangatlah peramahnya and suka berceloteh!
The best Australian recipes website- Teramatlah banyak nya resipi yg sedap2 kat website ni and semua di ambil dari food magazines her in Oz. My favourite recipe reference site!
SBS Food Safari - Rancangan kegemaran kat TV sebab she goes around in Australia to find multicultural dishes and recipes.
Online News - Dah malas nak beli paper skrg ni sebab lagi senang baca news online and it's very current compared to paper
The Star - Bila nak tau berita pasal Malaysia, inilah tempat yg saya akan tuju. turn, i would like to tag:
1. Hani
2. Intan
3. Ibusha
4. Mama Anis
5. Fida

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