Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekend bake

Tomorrow is the last day of the school holiday.

After being at home for 6+ weeks, they’ll be back at school again on Monday.

No more sleeping in until 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock even!

And no more late nights, back to their old bedtimes.

And like The Other Half says, “you’ll be rid of the girls during the days!


So, since it’s a nice weekend and the weather is gorgeous as well and the last weekend of their holidays, what else can you do apart from make bread.

I said to The Other Half that I want to start making different sweet breads each weekend so tak lah asik buat cinnamon rolls or bun kacang merah or doughnuts aje tiap2 minggu kan.

But a lot of sweet doughs have the same basic recipe, just in different ratio aje or have other minor additions to the basic ingredients.

So, I made cinnamon monkey bread, with the help of my little helper.

I used this recipe to make the monkey bread.

It is really good.

But I didn’t use that much flour to achieve a smooth dough. Maybe sebab suhu and humidity her area and my area berbeza.

Miss 10 helped with dipping the dough balls into the melted butter and then rolling them in the brown sugar and spices mix and arranging them in the bundt pan.


After all the dough balls have been arranged.


After the second proofing.


Once they are baked, let it cool in the pan for 10 minutes and turn it upside down onto a plate.


Don’t they look so good with the melted butter and cinnamon crunchy bits.


And then when you want to eat it, just pull it one by one…


The bottom ones have got the crunchy cinnamon crusts while the top ones are softer and doughier.




After 4 mouths, only 2/3rds left. Enough for breakfast tomorrow.


tifa anvar said...

so nice of her to help u.rajin btl miss 10 ni

Engineers Love Cooking said...
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Engineers Love Cooking said...

Salam, your bread arrangement looks like cempedak flesh.

Along Najwa said...

It is official, i am green with envy! I am amaze on how it seems so easy for you to pull off any bread recipe while for me is like i dont even hv a word for it.

Any tips x kak ?

t.a.t.a said...

Haah. macam cempedak goreng.

Chekgu Azrine said...

Hadoiii..giler lapar tgok bnda ni kak..nmpk tempting sggh..untung ank2 sis..