Saturday, 22 February 2014

Stay at home Mums are busy too ;-)

I’ve been quite busy lately.

When budak2 baru start sekolah, memang semua parents a bit busy kan.

Especially parents yang jadi makcik kantin and mak supir Smile.

Baru 3 weeks of school, I dah pening kepala fikir nak buat apa for their lunches.

So far they are quite happy with leftovers, chicken wraps, sandwiches and the occasional karipap, hehehe.

But their favourite is still wraps cos easy to hold, the ‘bread’ is nice and everything nicely placed in it.

And 2 days a week, the girls have early start so I will normally make breakfast on the go that they can have in the car or at school, because they say their stomachs tak larat nak makan too early in the morning.

I’ll normally make them jaffles (toasted sandwich) with sweet fillings for their ‘on the go’ breakfast.

Then letak the jaffles dlm paper lunch bags and a cup of milo for Miss 10 and tea for Miss 14 in the thermal mugs.

Nasib 2 days a week aje kena buat macam ni, kalau hari2 pengsan kejap lah.

Kalah breakfast in a plane kan!

At least diaorang tak mintak nasi lemak or mee goreng or roti canai or roti telur or kuih muih 2-3 ketul for breakfast kan!

And another thing that kept me busy the past few days was this…

Making samples of these desserts for someone to taste test.


Remember the black n white themed birthday party that I mentioned last week.

I decided to make these 4 desserts for them to choose from.


I made Oreos cupcakes.


black and white meringue kisses with dark choc ganache


upside down black and white cake pops.


and mini Oreos cheesecakes.


The mini cheesecakes looked yellow instead of black or white cos baru keluar oven terus kena posing but I guess if you present them without the liners and pipe some whipped cream and dark choc ganache on it, ada lah rupa black n white kot, hehehe.

I hope they like the samples and will choose one of them.

I guess yang dah pro buat cakes and cookies ni, they can do all these pejam mata sebelah aje in a few hours which took me a long time.

I ni masa nak decorate tu lah baru nak cari segala peralatan yang memang tak cukup so make do aje lah with apa yang ada.


Amirah Nadrah said...

sedapnya semua....
akak LG buat bizniz desserts ke?

Chekgu Azrine said...

Apa2 pun rin suka sgt kek coklat..hehe...

Anash said...

ok..that's it...
I need a cholate cake NOW!!
i envy you LG...
meh pindah sebelah rumah I..

ibh_sue said...

Tengok balik kat sini..semua best..Terbaik la kak (^_^)

JunAina said...

black and white meringue kisses with dark choc ganache - ini yg LG dok tayang2 hari tu ehhh...:)

makcikkantin said...

semuanya adalah sangat sangat cantik!

Kniedaz said...

saya nak semua boleh? hehehe

lemongrass said...

tak lah. Ada kawan mintak tolong buatkan desserts utk party anak dia so I pun buatkan lah tapi dia bayar lah :-)

Chekgu Azrine,
especially kalau penuh dgn oreos :-)

don't envy me cos it took me quite a while to make these unlike some other bakers yg pro. But ok lah kan for an amateur :-P

hahahaha. Besar sikit kat blog kan :-)

ha'ah. Hari tu meringue dia aje belun letak filling

thank you for the compliment :-)

boleh boleh, hehehe

Amilita Zaini said...

Drooling nyaaa tengok masterpiece2 you ni. They look like something out of a magazine!
Stay at home moms are VERY busy. As busy as moms who work in offices. Lepas satu, satu nak dibuat.... ;)

Honey said...

Jom buka bakery Kak Mynn :)

Honey said...

Jom buka bakery Kak Mynn :)