Friday, 7 February 2014

The first week is over

Miss 14 stated during dinner just now that it’s been a very long first week of school.

Miss 10 pulak said that it’s been a short week.

Padahal dua2 sama aje 5 hari sekolah!


Miss 14 said that it’s full on straight to lessons and learning even on the first day of school instead of taking it slowly and relaxing.

And so much homework for the weekend!

I told her it’s just going to get worse from now on.

Year 11 and Year 12 are the hard years where they will be preparing for the Uni entrance exam at the end of Year 12.

Sama macam I dulu lah, Form 4 and Form 5 bertungkus lumus study untuk SPM kan.

Miss 14 are taking only 6 main subjects for WACE.

You can take as many as you want but I think the minimum is 5.

She’s doing Accounting and Finance (atas pujukan The Other Half), Design- Dimensional Design, Human Biological Science, English Lit, Maths 3A and 3B and Modern History.

Sebab for the past few years, The Other Half has been writing the exam questions for the Accounting paper for WACE so he says that he knows what will be expected from the students so he can teach Miss 14 all about it and how to score, hehehehe.

So, he is currently not allowed to have any contact whatsoever with the education department for the next two years because of Miss 14.

Ye lah kan, it’ll be a conflict of interest lah kan kalau he’s still involved with it and anak dia ambik that subject for WACE.

But we told Miss 14 not to tell her Accounting teacher about The Other Half’s ‘history’ Smile.

Miss 10 pulak sebab since in primary school and the first week, takdelah homework at all and still lepak2 a bit at school.

Mak diaorang pulak, busy lah jugak sebab tugas supir dah bermula so kena make sure everything that needs to be done is done within the school hours.

So, everyone is so looking forward to this weekend to just chill out.

Dah lah it’s been so hot and humid this week, so tu yang buat lagi lah tak sabar menunggu weekend.

And bila panas2 ni, I memang selalu sangat buat salad.


I made crumbed baked chicken with oven baked wedges and salad.


But the salad ada macam2 so tak lah terasa macam kambing kan.

I usually start with mixed green leaves as the base.

I beli yang dah siap in a packet aje and ada macam2 leaves in it.

Then I will add a fruit.

The one in the top photos, I added watermelon. And the one below, I added pomegranate.

Then I will bulk up the salad with cucumber ke, capsicum ke, tomatoes ke, beans ke…

Then nak bagi lagi sedap, I tambah nuts.

Kat rumah I ni memang kena sentiasa ada nuts so whatever that tickles my fancy lah.

For these two, I guna macadamia nuts.


We had this salad with sausages and corn and mushroom.


And for the past few days, I suka pulak goreng kentang and keledek hiris nipis2 and goreng sampai crispy and then tabur atas salad.


And sometimes I guna dressings yang I buat sendiri and other times I just guna the store-bought salad dressing.

And since it’s Friday nite, I made pizza again.



Nothing fancy, just the plain old cheesy and pineapple pizza.


encik kuri said...

ummmph, so impressive salad, pizza simple still full of cheese.wah

erinne hussin said...

Nyum nyum

syaheer_hamid said...

Salad salad salad.Sedap tengok akak buat. Lama dah nak start eating salad part of my meals setiap hari.Lagi2 lepas bersalin ni.Mr. H lidah melayu..dia kata tak kenyang... T T

t.a.t.a said...

Kak Mynn, what will happen if her Accounting teacher find out about The Other Half’s ‘history’?

Dah lama perasan tapi laa ni baru nak mention. Akak dah tukar langsir baru. Nice la rumah akak. Cantik sangat.

Zaitun said...

Kak Zai suka makan salad.

Anak bongsu kak Zai sudah pun mengakhiri persekolahan dan sekarang menunggu keputusan SPM.

NEKCIK said...

so sedap...the pizza!!!

Shamsiah Abdul Rahman said...

Tgk pics from your post.. semua Sham rasa mcm nak makan.. tetiba jer nak pi tapau pizza pulak mlm ni.. cmana la nak kurus ni..

~Am said...


Still using the air-fryer ke?