Thursday, 4 April 2013

Another often cooked dish in my kitchen

Another favourite dish of ours is baked chicken wings with roast potato.

Especially Miss 9 yang suka sangat chicken wings ni.

I guess a lot of people like chicken wings kan sebab senang nak ratah Smile.

Miss 9 memang definitely ikut I sebab I pun hantu chicken wings, hehehehe……

But bila I buat baked chicken pieces ni, I selalu tukar2 the marinade for the chicken wings.

Saje je, depends on what I have in hand and what’s easily available in the fridge.

Malam ni I guna madu, bawang putih, serbuk pati ayam/chicken stock powder, kicap manis ABC (indon mari), dark soy sauce (kicap masin tapi dia sgt hitam), brown sugar and mustard seeds.

And kalau ada masa, marinate lah for a few hours in the fridge.

Tadi I cuma sempat marinate it for an hour aje, but the taste was still good.

(by the way, I takde exact measurement for the ingredients, just main agak2 aje.)

So, tu sebab nama dia sticky baked chicken wings!


The honey and brown sugar make the wings very sticky and caramelised.

And the kicap manis and dark soy sauce give the black glossy colour to the wings.


I like to put mustard seeds and garlic because I think they are the perfect combination with roast chicken.

And then make sure you first put alfoil on your baking tray, then put another layer of baking paper on top of the alfoil before you arrange the chicken on the baking paper.

Ini untuk membuatkan kerja2 mengemas anda jadi lebih senang.

After you’ve baked the chicken, you can just throw away the alfoil and baking paper and your tray will still be spotlessly clean!

No burnt caramelised bits on the tray to sental!


The roast potato tu pulak, I boiled the peeled diced potatoes first until half cooked.

Then I drained the potatoes and return them to the saucepan.

Put the saucepan back on the stovetop to ‘dry’ the potatoes a bit.

At the same time, shake the saucepan vigorously to roughen up the potatoes.

They say this will help to make the potatoes crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy inside.


And then you can put the potatoes on a tray and drizzle some olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika and cumin on it for flavour.

Roast the chicken wings and the potatoes together at 190C (fan-forced oven) until the potatoes are brown and crispy and the chicken wings caramelised and cooked.

It’ll probably take about an hour which you can wisely use to lepak2 surf the net or tolong anak buat homework or chatting on the phone or exercise bagai nak giler sebab nak makan chicken wings banyak2 or masuk kebun siram pokok2 yang dah nak separa mati sebab hari ni panas ya Rabbi!



Aida Salleh said...

its finger lickin good :-)

Yazreina said...

Kicap manis ABC tu yg saus manis ek??? Sponsor Masterchef Malaysia tu kak!!! Hihihj

Kniedaz said...

Simple tapi mesti sedap...patutlah Miss 9 suka ^_^

susumanis said...

yummm LG, mesti cuba ni :)

||alis|| said...

hai sis :)
dtg sbb nk cri resepi kuih gunting tuptuptup.. tbaca n3 plak.. dh letak bookmark. ni after 3rd page.. esk alis dtg lagi ya :)

Anonymous said...

love it! your recipes are always good, clear and well presented! when my sister visited she scoured thru your posts looking for some recipe or another, wanting me to cook them just like you! thanx for sharing LG!

lemongrass said...

definitely! :)

I tak tau, but brand dia ABC and memang kicap indon. Brand tu fofular kat OZ ni, hehehe. Siap boleh sponsor masterchef lagi tu! hahaha

I suka benda2 yg simple2 ni, memudahkan kerja I, hehehe

chicken wings are always nice esp bila masuk oven :-)

thanks ye sudi baca n bookmark my blog :-)

thanks for the kind compliments :-). I'm glad you sister likes my kind of cooking :-)

ibh_sue said...

OMG kak..Ayam akak menyelerakan. Next time boleh try.
Sue semenjak umo dah menambah ni part wing tu langsung dah tak minat... Byk ambik part yg berdaging ja..Huhuuuu..

lemongrass said...

I pulaknya kan tak gemar sgt part yg banyak daging tu. Tapi klu dah ada depan mata, I makan aje, hehehe