Sunday, 2 November 2008

Dah beberapa hari ni terlebih busy aje and also my hayfever was quite bad, tu yg penat and mengantuk sangat2 malam tadi. And memang dah sah penat sebab pagi tadi pukul 9 baru terjaga, hehehe. So, what did we do for the past few days sampai busy and tak sempat2 nak mem blogging....

On Friday, after work and after picking the Little Misses up from school, we went to watch the trial run of the Red Bull Air Race which is still going on as I'm writing this entry kat Perth city. If you want to know more about the race, just google it ye. Every year in November, the last leg of the race is held in Perth tapi we've never been to the real race so far. Tak larat lah nak bersesak2 with 2 kids in tow. Tu yg cuma tengok the trial run aje and watching it on tv, jadi lah kan :-). Sambil tu, we let the Little Misses play along the river. A few photos of the day.

Miss 5 chose her own top and skirt and I think she's got her Dad's sense on colour coordination, so tu yg tak matching langsung kaler her top and skirt, hehehehe. While I think Miss 9 got my sense of colour match, tu yg ayu aje, wehkehkehkehkeh.

No, they are not birds ;-).

Then semalam as always, sent Miss 9 to Guides while we went shopping. After doing the normal daily household chores yang tak pernah habis2, it's time already to cook dinner. We invited some friends over for dinner last night so kenalah masak yang best sikit kan ;-). But the other half said, masak mee kari with loads of seafood and ayam pun kira best jugak. Even though baru aje we all makan mee kari a few days ago, but dia dah teringin balik nak makan, hehehe. So, lagilah senang kerja I macam tu since tinggal beli aje the mee kari paste and masak mee bukannya lama sgt and susah sangat kan :-). But sian pulak the guests, sebab makan mee kari aje malam tadi. Takpelah kan, next time ye kita buat BBQ pulak ;-).

And since pagi tu I managed to snag a really good deal on placemats and coasters baru at the shop, I had the chance to use them masa dinner tu. Nampak cantik aje my dining table with the new placemats and coasters :-). I don't really like table cloth that much, tu yg my dining table selalunya bare aje. For me, lagi senang nak lap meja hari2 dari basuh table cloth hari2. Betul tak? I got this 14 piece placemat coaster set for $10 down from $50, sape yang tak nak kan and they look so sweet as well.

Jom makan mee kari lagi :-).

Sweet kan the placemats and coaster set.

Miss 9 just loves playing with Sheri's daughter because she said, the baby is not annoying like Miss 5! But she doesn't want another brother or sister, she just likes to play with someone else's baby because she can always return them back when she gets tired playing with them , ha...ha...ha.... Kalau adik sendiri, I guess you are stuck with them for life kan!

And pagi tadi after breakfast and spending loads of money at Bunnings, we did some more gardening, well more of planting seeds, repotting our seedlings and trimming the rosemary bushes and the lemon tree. I let the Little Misses plant some watermelon seeds, tak tau lah boleh grow or not. We won't be able to harvest the fruits until 12 weeks from now anyway. We also planted silverbeets and spring onions and repotted some chilli plants and daun kesum to give away. What a busy weekend kan. We are now definitely exhausted and will spend the rest of the day not doing anything, hehehehe......

We bought this plant memang cari nak yang will trail onto the ground. Can't remember the name but now memang dah trailing abis! Macam rambut Cousin It on the Addam's family aje but the flowers are really pretty purple.

This is the thing that cost us a lot of money at Bunnings. It's an anaerobic indoor composter which is a bin where we put all our food scrap and put 'bokashi' in it and it will turn the food scrap into compost which we can put into the garden. Lebih kurang macam worm farm lah but without the smell and the flies. We used to have a worm farm composter in the garden when we were living in Adelaide but bau dia and the flies yang hurung dia tu sometimes a bit too much to take.
Why do we do this you may ask? Well, I guess since we normally cook and eat at home so memang lah we all generate loads of food scrap daily. Rasa sayang aje nak buang masuk tong sampah when we know we can turn it into compost to put in the garden. Tak payah lah susah payah nak beli banyak2 soil and plant food setiap kali nak bercucuk tanam kan. Dah lah sekarang ni ekonomi dunia tengah in recession so anything to help cut the cost of fresh food that we buy is good I guess. And also I guess, it helps reduce the landfill waste :-).

Wei, panjang giler entry hari ni... to make up for 2 days of malas I guess :-).


Flower said...

We went to red bull airrace today. Tak de lah sesak sgt org2. Maybe sbb diaorg tutup the whole riverside road. so tak payah nak berlaga ngan org or kereta. My anak2 seronok sungguh sbb boleh lari2 kat tengah jalan2. We were there quite lama jugak. Siap bawak bekal lagi.

Shopping wise, hari Jumaat ngan Sabtu hari tu I gi shopping. Bila baju utk my pilates class. Esok nak beli mat pulak. Tu yg I syok sekali. Setiap kali I ambik new venture, shopping tu wajib. Mesti ada proper attire for every venture. :)

mother of two said...

tgg entry siap dgn gmbr n resepi dari akak nie... :)
btw.. link blog akak yer... harap redha:)~

Intan Rosnitta said...

Jadi duta environment pulak.
Tabik springggg!!!


Mat Gebu said...

I baca lepas tu angguk sorang2...hahaha....bunga tu cantik kan...i pun berkenan juga....Placemat n coaster tu pun cantik kan...i pun berkenana...Mee kari u pun nampak sungguhhh sedap...i pun berkenan juga...hahahaha...

lemongrass said...

Dah baik your eardrums dengar bunyi bingit the planes fr the race? How much was the ticket price? Lepas cake decorating class, skrg ni pilates pualk lah ye, berapa lama?

Hi Mother of two,
boleh aje nak link. I'll link yours too ok.

Tak tau lah berapa lama we all jadi 'baik' ni but hopefully for a long time lah sbb sayang kan nak buang mcm tu aje food scrap tu klu boleh digunakan semula. Dpt gak my plants tu baja from us, hahaha.

Cik Mat,
Angguk aje boleh jgn sampai meleleh air liur dah lah :-). Klu u dekat aje, dah lama kita boleh gi shopping sama2 kan :-). Sure sama bnyk u borong benda dgn I, hehehe

Flower said...

Mana ada beli ticket. We all duduk seberang sana. Siap bawak binoculars lagi. Lagi best, good view, less noise and best of all, free.

My pilates class tak kira banyak mana, I boleh pilih samada buat in a group or buat sorang. Mcm personal trainer gitu, ikut mood I. Lepas ni lak rasa2nye I nak belajar bawak truck/lori besar. I teruja pompuan bawak truck besar2 ni.