Monday, 29 September 2008

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Seronoknya Eid will be on Wednesday here in Perth, hopefully kali ni every mosque here will celebrate Eid on the same day unlike the previous years. And starting from tonite, tuan rumah ni will be very very busy siapkan preparation for all those lovely raya dishes, hehehe. Yelah kan, dah kena masak sorang2 so tak menang tanganlah kalau nak bertenet at the same time :-). So, rumah ni like I guess a lot of other 'homes' on the blogger world will be quiet for a few days. Tuan rumah nak berehat seketika sempena musim lebaran ni, hahaha.....

So malam ni cuma nak tayang our iftar menu tonite and also some raya cards from fellow bloggers before signing off for a few days. Have a very happy and safe Eid Mubarak everyone and enjoy your holidays, well, to people who do get holidays I guess :-).

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