Friday, 29 August 2008

Hari ni the Little Misses had 'student free day' sbb the teachers had PD today at school which in another word means takde sekolah hari ni. Yang geramnya, they only told us about it after school semalam in their newsletter. The other half had meetings the whole morning today so tak boleh lah nak duduk rumah jaga the Little Misses. kalau takde meetings, dia dah happy aje nak stay at home, hehehe. Luckily I could get time off work so bolehlah jaga budak berdua tu. Kesian kat families who couldn't find carers for their kids hari ni. Masa mcm ni lah you really feel the need to have your extended family around you :-).

So, what did we do this morning at home. Well, I had to clean the house and do loads of laundry as usual. The Little Misses went 'bug hunting' in the 'backyard' which kept them out of my hair for a while so senanglah nak mengemas rumah. Bila dah mengemas rumah tu, terasa lapar pulak sgt2 so I cooked lunch ( which I haven't done for a while now, hehehe). Teringin sgt nak makan nasi goreng pedas so I made just enough for me. The Little Misses mana makan pedas so diaorang sikit pun tak teringin tengok I makan.

Ini pulaknya is a picture of black tomatoes or another name for it 'kumatoes'. These tomatoes are ripe already, cuma kaler dia aje yg blackish greenish like that. From what I know, it says that it originated in The Galapagos Island and only introduced into Australia in 2005. The taste is sweeter than the normal tomatoes so tu yg fofular variety ni skrg ni. Saje je nak tunjuk to people yang tak pernah tengok the black tomatoes. I know dlm photo ni nmpk green, but actually kaler dia more black green.

On a completely different story, the other half called in the afternoon telling me that we should celebrate because the book he co wrote has been published. I said the only thing I really feel like eating is mee rebus right now so we have to go to the city to find a good mee rebus and city on a Friday nite is not the place we want to go. And he doesn't like mee rebus at all so last2, tak jadi lah pergi mana2, hehehe.... We are always like that, everytime we think of going somewhere for dinner, either he or I would say that I can cook it much better at home and end up not going anywhere! Tu lah susahnya bila he's so used to his wife cooking all this nice food for dinner so dia malas dah nak spend money buying food that I can cook at home. Lerrr!!!! Actually, we would rather spend the money buying really good quality produce and cook it ourselves at home :-). So, I told him that I'll make him something special this weekend to celebrate his name on a book and also to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan. Congratulations dear, we are so proud of you and now you are more famous than me, hahahaha...

p/s Kel Keem, your name is in the book and so is Abah's name and the kiddies. He used the names as case examples. Popular kjap kamu among the accounting students, wehkehkehkeh..


Intan Rosnitta said...

Congrates to Mr. LG! Clap..clap..

Salam Merdeka & Salam Ramadhan buat LG & fmly.


Flower said...

Kesian you kena ambik cuti. My anak2 semalam pun last minutes school party, last minutes uniform free day. Not just uniform free, tapi kena pakai baju dari negeri sendiri. Pening gak lah kepala I mencari baju kurung/melayu anak2 yg dlm kotak from last raya. I ckp ngan Hana, pakai je lah any baju. Dia tak nak, meronta2 ckp cikgu suruh pakai national dress. Pening-pening.....

lemongrass said...

Hi Intan,
Thanks. Along puasa tahun ni?

teruk kan kdg2 skolah ni, last minute baru bagi tau. Ingat kita ni supermoms agaknya, hehehe.. Click our fingers terus dpt everything :-).