Sunday, 3 August 2008

Hari ni baru dpt upload video after so many days trying, but a different video. Tak tau lah if it's the other video yang buat hal or if it's Blogger yang ada problem. I'll still try to upload the other video of Miss 4 3/4 reading after this.

Video ni we took earlier today at the playground. It was such a beautiful day for winter so apa lagi, ambil peluang keluar jalan2 around the river lah. We stopped at the playground and Miss 9 was playing on the monkey bars when Miss 4 3/4 decided she could do it too. So, dia pun panjat the monkey bars and started bergayut across it, swinging along being cheered by Miss 9. Bila dah sampai hujung, she just jumped to the ground without a care in the world. We all yang tengok masa tu rasa terberenti jantung sekejap sbb it was quite high for her. The second time she climbed the monkey bars, I asked the other half to take a video of it while I just shut my eyes sebab tak berani tengok dia bergayut. I yang seriau!

Tengoklah betapa lebarnya her smile afterwards :-).

p/s we took the video on our old digicam yang takde audio, tu yg membisu seribu bahasa!


katak_78 said... cute when ur little misses reading ...bagus2..she's also elastic!!!did she attend any gymnastics class or wut??lajunya dia gayut kat monkey bar!!!

lemongrass said...

Hi Katak Ayu,
Tu yg akak seriau tengok dia bergayut tu sbb laju giler dia gayut.Dia tak attend gymnastic class pun tp kat school dia ada playground ada monkey bar but rendahlah,memang hari2 main, tu yg dia tak takut langsung tu!