Monday, 13 January 2014

Is anybody out there? :-P

Blowing dust….

Dusting dust…..

Too much dust……

Coughing, sneezing, spluttering….

Too much effort….

Going back to hibernating!

See you guys in a few weeks time Smile with tongue out













Hahahahahahahaha…. Kalau I tulis itu aje, maulah berjela kutukan I terima agaknya.

So, did anyone miss us?

It has been a good 8-week break for me, a bit like school Summer break, detaching myself from the blog.

I didn’t even do that much of a blog walking.

But I have been really busy on Insta though…... Smile.

And since a few people dah tanya I on Insta and on the blog’s comments bila I nak update blog again sebab they are having withdrawal symptoms from being away from my blog too long (sila muntah berjemaah now, hahahaha), tu yang I update balik.

So, where should I start?

All four of us are doing great.

The girls are currently in their Summer break until the end of January.

Miss 14 will be going into Year 11, the senior year. Uniform pun tukar kaler once they are in the senior years. And exams pun makin susah, hehehe.

Miss 10 will be going into Year 6, one of the final years of primary school.

Their batch will be the first batch in WA to enter high school in Year 7 instead of the usual Year 8.

So, both of the girls will have to put their heads down and study hard this year.




The Other Half has been doing great with his exercise and eating healthily. He’s lost some more weight.

So now he thinks he’s looking more and more like PitBull, Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel all combined into one gorgeous hunk!



And cerita tuan tanah pulak.

I’m still maintaining my current weight, still tak dapat2 nak lose that extra kilo and a bit from the problematic areas.

But I went cycling and walking most days with The Other Half while he was on his 2 weeks Xmas-New year break which was most fun.

I guess at this age I have to be happy with my weight as long as I continue to keep fit and stay within the healthy BMI.

And on another news, The Other Half and I celebrated our 18th anniversary a few days before Xmas Smile.



For readers who’ve been missing our gardens, our gardens are flourishing wonderfully in the gorgeous Summer weather.

We now have tomatoes and snake beans and eggplants and chillies and grapescoming out of our ears.

Everyday I have to think of recipes that can use all the veges up but still banyak lagi leftovers which I have converted into other things.



And with the grapes ripening, the rainbow lorikeets are back as well.



Tiap2 pagi and petang, 2-3 ekor bersidai kat pokok2 anggur ni sambil menjoyah and makan anggur!


Banyakkan hasil tanaman. Memang sampai kena bagi2 kat orang.



And the front garden is looking quite colourful at the moment






Cukuplah for now eh!

Dah lama I tak menulis blog, tulis panjang ni pun dah sakit2 tangan!


Esok2 lah ye I continue with the food pulak Smile.


NenetPenne (NP) said...

Sib baik dpt cari u kat insta....

MamaFaMi said...

Welcome back LG. All looking great!

suka suka said...

Tumpang suka...dpt tengok byk sayur & grapes :)

penDragon said...

Welcome back k LG!!

Cheq Sue said...

welcome back ahkak!!! cik abang tu... nampa sangat lost weight kan, jelesnya

Noor Hafirdaus said...

yeayyy....dah ada entry baru

zury armani said...

welcome back, miss your updates...suka baca, lovely n lively!!!

FH said...

welcome back.lama benau tak tengok update .hihi may i know your insta account hihi :)

sHieRa cAkAp said...

Ahhh... finally kak. Rase cam lame je akk menghilang. 8 weeks sendu dunia blogwalking saya. Welcome back sis

Miss N said...

my face literally glowing bila nmpk ur entry kt news feed. welcome back sis!

nor hayati abdul halim said...

welcome ur silent reader
already miss u sis

Anna Da Lady said...

at last! alhamdulillah, semuanya looks great!

UmmuAidan-Arissa said...

salam sis..
welcome back..nampak jer update akak kat dashboard terus terjun sini haaa...
waaah semuanya nampak indah2 belaka..meriah2 belaka...:)

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

Thanx for updating. :D your blog has been part of my life somehow.

Linlin said...

LG is back!! hehe.. tunjuk kat mak gmbr anggur, mak kata woihhh eloknya,, jadi no kat sana.. huhu

geesham said...

Tq for being active again.....miss ur family stories a lot...keep updating ek....he3

imm said...

selamat kembali akakkk..miss u and the garden..hihihi..lega boleh tgk gamba bunge bungaan tu..

t.a.t.a said...

Yayyy akak you are baaacckkkkk!!! Miss you akak! Miss you little misses! Miss you err... eh yang tu tak yah sebut la. Hahahaha.

Tapi kan kak, nyong ada rasa macam nak terjatuh chenta la pada itu gojes hunk! Hahahaha. Something tenan neh different about deeh. Tukar congor ya? Hahahaha.

Kak Rose said...

welcome back to blogging world...

bestnya kalau dapat anggur yg fresh from the garden cam tu...lorikeets jugak yang bertuah!

naimanuar said...

sgt rinduuuuuuu

Ita S said...

Looking great kak mynn!!i hve checked yr page every single day since the new year,in case of any update.i was so beyond happy to finally see it today!thank you for coming back to 'feed' us.hehehe.kak,i requested to follow on ig-taibita.would be happy if u could a mother of 1 n 30 yrs of age.;)

nur ain said...

hi kak! welcome back!!! almost everyday check biler la akak nk update nie!!! weehoooo~~~~

Oyis said...

yeay, ur back!

olive said...

Hi Hi kak LG, faster lah come back.! hebat your garden! i like it the most!

ida said...

Finally...lama menunggu.. .

B-ha said...

Why why x accept me on insta..its topaz8121

A~ said...

dear u dah balik. woohooo. takde la bosan hidup x dpt baca ur blog.

seksa seh hidup sejak semalam. i kerja night shift. kena tido siang seksa sangat. tido dgn bongkah ais pon tak cukup. rumah takde aircond. sini 45°c hari ni esok lusa.. waaaaaaa... how's the weather there?

Anonymous said...

salam LG, lovely to have you back, not been the same without you in the blogging world! you're all looking good, blooming like the plants!

Anonymous said...

salam LG, lovely to have you back, not been the same without you in the blogging world! you're all looking good, blooming like the plants!

lemongrass said...

tak susah pun nak cari kan, hehehe

MamaFami, Pendragon, CheqSue, Noor Hafirdaus, Zury Armani, FH, Shiera, Miss N, Nor Hayati, Anna Da Lady, Ummu Aidan n Arissa, Geesham, Imm, Nur Ain, Oyis, Olive, Ida, NaimaNuar, Ita S, Greetings from England,
Thank you for the warm welcome back. Terharu sungguh ramai yg jenguk the blog hari2 lepas New Year tu. Ramai jugak ye orang yg rindu kat I ni! hahaha :p

Suka suka, Lin Lin, Kak Rose,
The garden skrg memang at its peak sebab we tanam loads of stuff masa Spring haritu so now semua tgh berbuah and berbunga. The grapes tu mmng sampai dah sakit perut makan, hehehe

hahahaha...tersipu2 malu hubby I :P. We all kat Ijok guna irong utk hidung, pening kejap I nak fikir apa tu congor, hahaha.

klu ur Insta profile susah I nak teka pompuan ke lelaki and susah nak teka umur, memang I tak accept.

siannya u. Kalau I jadi u, I tido kat hospital tu aje postcall because of the lack of aircond at ur house. Takde ke spare oncall room yg u can use, hehehe

~jeet~ said...

your blog gonna be my reference for gardening kak LG :) thank you for sharing and congrats for the anniversary, may you both be together till jannah!!

Parvin abdul rauf said...

Alhamdullilah...welcome back LG

tifa anvar said...

welcome back k.LG. Bila lama sngt blog S2B ni x update ingtkn blog ni pn kene ttup mcm blog TTM. Terubat rindu dpt bc blog ni. Tq 4 update

Neny said...

Sukaaaaa...semua yg kak min citer/tunjuk gambar semua pon suka :).

Very inspiring!

Along Najwa said...

Yea!! Finally you are back..cari akak kat insta, rasa dh jumpa tp akak tk accept..most importantly, you are back..

shuweet said...

lama giler tak dengar celoteh u....tapi takpe...mata i segar bugar layan gambar2 kat your ig...especially the food and also your fresh vege and flowers...

Tiny gardener said...

Great to have you back! The garden is looking as gorgeous as its lady owner. So 'geram' seeing the eggplants and grapes.

B-ha said...

Haa..ok..i dh tukar profile pic..4 ladies lagi

Cik Misstree said...


Saya suka LG kembali dgn entry baru.

Mood CM: bagi semangat pd LG. :)

Hanisah Hamzah said...

seyes.. sy rindu puan LG berblog!!

azieazah said...

Happy Anniversary!

Fieza said...

Assalam I'm ur silent reader hepi sgt ur back, missed ur stories, lebih-lebih lg dgn the food u served ..

Natrah Norlin said...

selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan sis

hani said...

Glad you're back kak LG:) happy belated anniversary.

Laura Azura Zainal said...

Finally u r back kakak. Bolehlah i jejak sini hari2 mcm dulu

Jay said...'re back. Miss you so much. Skrg baru lengkap hari I dpt baca your entry... 😊👍👍👍

Rinah said...

bestnya dapat menuai hasil tanaman sendiri.
suka anggur tue. hehe

piece of mind said...

yeay!!!! baru notice that you are back kak LG!

been looking for new entries almost everyday until I was like.."alaaaaa" until today baru buka tgk ada...many entries dah! and im happy! hhehehe