Monday, 27 January 2014

An entry dedicated to a leg of lamb ;-)

Yesterday was Australia Day celebrating the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet of the British ships.

It’s basically the official National day of Australia.

So, hari ni sambung public holiday lah which we spent by not doing anything much!


But semalam sempena Australia day, we all pun masak something special lah.

Typical Aussie food cooked on the barbie.

But I didn’t go to the extent of making pavlova or lamington for dessert.

Tak kuasa!


So what did we cook?

We cooked Aussies favourite meat which is lamb Smile.

But I made it extra special (in our opinion anyway) by deboning the leg of lamb myself!

But itupun setelah berguru on youtube for a few minutes and learning how to butterfly the leg, baru I berani buat.

It made barbecuing it so much easier and faster!

We bought a leg of lamb which was around 2kgs.


At first we all ingat nak slow roast it in the oven but after buat other things, it was a bit too late to slow roast it.

Tu yg I butterflied it aje.

First you have to cut the H-bone off which the butcher sometimes leaves behind.


Then began the process of separating the meat from the thigh bone.







I cut off the bit below the knee cap which is the shank to use another day.

Then to even out the meat, I slice the thick parts



Until the whole leg becomes like this which is sort of butterfly- y.


Then, you can marinate it for as long as you want.

I marinated it for about an hour aje semalam.


I used rosemary, lemon, garlic, honey, mustard, salt and pepper and olive oil.





The end product after barbecuing it.



And since it was a BBQ, we had our dinner outdoor, ala2 rustic restaurant setting, hahahaha.


Around that are, penuh we all letak citronella candles and ubat nyamuk so we all can eat in peace.

We had the BBQ lamb with grilled garlic marinara mix, red skin potato chips and greens and mango salad with creamy mustard dressing.


And my plate semalam.


The lamb was so tender and juicy and every single dish just gelled together so nicely.

Kalau lah ada pavlova to end the dinner, it would have been just perfect!



t.a.t.a said...

Kak, apsal pelenan tu ada tulis meat chicken seafood?

JunAina said...

Nak jugak pavlova tu...

kalau Aina makan gini tiap2 hari ada harapan turun balik berat badan ni, no nasi please...

Shamsiah Abdul Rahman said...

Tumpang tengok saja laaa...

greetingsfromengland said...

Simply awesome LG! How I miss the warm summer months! This is actually my father in law's dream, to have a lamb leg barbeque for a family gathering in summer, you do it so well!

suka suka said...

Telan air liur je le

UmmuAidan-Arissa said...

sedapnyer tgk bbq mula memasang hajat nak buat yang sama camtuh nie..heheh..terer nampak akak potong daging tuh..:)

norhidana miswan said...

perkhhh meletop nengok kaki kambin tuh....

azieazah said...

Saya dok fikir PELENAN tu aper... rupanya chopping board.

Ohhh teruja!

t.a.t.a said...

Kak azie, belajar perkataan baru. Hehehe.

Sarah and Fad said...


Zety Zin said...

sedapnya... saya suka kambing! :D

t.a.t.a said...

Zety, untung la kau. Laki bini suka makan kambing. Hahahaha.

Anak-anak ikut tak?

m.u.l.a.n said...

the sungguh2 perasaan drooling yg melampau2 ni.. aisshhh jauhnya nak mintak sebelah kaki lamb itu..

lemongrass said...

I pun tak pernah dengar perkataan pelenan tu, hahahaha. I tulis tu so klu the other half or budak2 ni nak pakai chopping boards, diaorang tak guna yg itu sbb yg itu khas utk potong meat sahaja.

I pun semalam teringat2 pavlova jugak, hehehe.

kat sana sure senang nak dpt kambing kan sbb pak2 arab kan suka kambing :-)

it's the aussie summer favourite, to have a BBQ meal every single day if possible :-). But that leg of lamb was just superb cooked that way and eaten outdoors in the gorgeous weather :-D

suka suka,
hehehe. we all pun sesekali aje makan bbq lamb mcm ni sbb slalunya malas nak masak kat luar tu.

Ummu A-A,
memang seronok bila sesekali berBBQ ni. lagi lah bila berBBQ kambing! :-D

sesekali beli kaki kambing, tu yg masak BBQ terus! Sedap giler! :-D

Kak Azie,
I pun first time dengar word pelenan tu , hahaha

mmng sedap bila dpt makan kambing sesekali ni! kalau hari2, jemu jugak kot, hehehe

we all pun suka lamb ni, tapi goat meat tak brapa gemar sgt sbb bau dia lagi kuat kan, hehehe

next time I kena tell you in advance lah bila we all nak masak kaki kambing so sempat lah you nak hire tongkang dtg sini';-)

Laura Azura Zainal said...

Wahhhhhhh kakak..nampak sedap sangat.. Tapi laura alergik dengan lamb..

nway, terus rasa nak buat pavlova bila baca nie..

Zaitun said...

Kak Zai suka kambing tapi tak boleh makan banyak b/p.

Pavlova sedapnya.

Awin said...

Keluarga kami sangat suka kambing! Jujukan gambar yang membantu!