Monday, 28 January 2008

The morning's not what everyone thinks...When you have 2 kids and staying up watching fireworks until 9.30 and not home until 10.30, it's called a very very late night. The little misses enjoyed their fun day yesterday and were very impressed with the fireworks display. So did the biggies! The kids spent the afternoon going on all the rides (repeatedly!) and had their faces painted. Trust our daughters to ask for a kangaroo face and a mouse face on 1 side of their cheeks! The kangaroo turned out ok but the mouse looked suspiciously like a cat which miss 4 1/2 noticed straight away and pointed it out to the face painter! She was a bit upset because she asked for a mouse but got a cat instead! It was pretty funny though...Other than that slight snag, it was a very fun Australia Day. We will spend today recuperating...we are definitely getting old!

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bersama kak Es said...

time ni diorg kecik lagii kann..
innocent sangat :)

tadi tgk latest pulak dok dengar perantau rambling hehehe
terus tgk entry lama..
nice knowing u