Sunday, 27 January 2008

Australia Day! Let's celebrate!

The little money spongers have been eagerly waiting for today to arrive since the same day last year. We are celebrating Australia Day this year in the city at the Family Fun Day Event. We had such a great time last year at the same event that we said, heck, why not do it a yearly fun thing to do. So, obviously, the kids jumped with joyful songs in their hearts when we made the declaration...and since we are parents who follow their own 'once you've promised, you have to keep it' set of rules, here we are going to the event again. Last year we had to miss out on watching the skyworks because miss 4 1/2 was still a bit too young to stay up that late but this year I've told the other half that I really want to watch the skyworks (what I really told him was that it'll be good for the kids to watch such a spectacular show, it'll be their first time ever etc...).
So, hopefully tonight we'll get to watch it on the foreshore of the Swan River. I know it's very Australian to take meat pies and lamingtons to the dinner picnic we are having tonight. But since we are a multicultural family, I've decided on Pasta with pesto and BBQ chicken and summer fruits and white chocolate for dessert. Happy Australia Day!

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