Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Right, let's see...This will be my first time being a blogger. I've visited so many blogs but have never felt compelled to create one until now. What made me change my mind? I guess having to go with the flow is the main reason for starting and also to make it easier for our families and friends to keep up to date with our comings and goings...Not sure though if our comings and goings will be worth updating regularly! I guess let them decide, hahaha!
I should start by introducing the members of the team. There's me a.k.a the boss of the household (the title my hubby and kids bestowed on me)!, then there's the other half (not sure if it's the better half or the lesser half) and last but not least our little money spongers,miss going-to-be-9-soon and miss 4 1/2.


cik zatil said...

salam akak..

singgah sini jenguk-jenguk
entri lama akak..

slm kenal-kenal..


kasihredha said...

comey je miss 7 & miss 12 waktu ni
masih kecik lagi

JieJ said...

Hai..start dari first post..heheh..

Salam perkenalan..

Cikda said...

salam kenal.. :)

suma sue said...

Assalam sis lg...khatam reading ur blog today... Suka sgt :-)