Thursday, 24 January 2008

The little misses have been busy today playing with their Zoobs. 2 more weeks before school starts, can't wait for that day to arrive so I dont have to listen to anymore bickering from 8.30 to 3.00. Ahhh, the wonderful silence....Miss soon-to-be-9 is quite good with her hands and very creative (when you consider her parents!) and she's made some nice creations with the Zoobs.

Dont be alarmed, the toy cats are not being hung, they are on their Zoob leash but hanging... (cruelty to animals are not allowed in this household :-) )


H O N E Y said...

Kak Mynn (Betul ke your name ni? hahaha

Macam mana I nak check my previous comment (Which date)? And nak tau whether you dah reply or no? I forgot to add a bookmark for the page that I comment :( Too bad. Plus, there is no notification sent to my mail.

Honey said...

Takde keje baca blog you from started date haha